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Another Ban in the Nanny State

Living in Massachusetts you grow up learning to live without.  I don’t mean that the state is poverty stricken; I mean that the state’s government officials like to decide what is in the best interest of you, the person.  They like to decide what is good and bad for you because they feel they are smarter than you in making that decision for you.  We are so lucky to have these smart superficial people making these life decisions for us. Heaven forbid we are able to make these decisions for ourselves, what would we possibly do?

In the past we have seen such bans on fireworks, no alcohol sales on Sunday, and tattoos.  Recently we saw a ban on an energy drink mixed with alcohol called “4Loco” and we also saw a ban on dog racing, closing several parks in Massachusetts.  So call me skeptical when I read an article written by a Worcester pediatrician and the President of the Massachusetts Medical Society, Dr. Lynda Young, calling on local politicians to ban cigarette sales in pharmacies.  Her reasoning was that cigarettes were bad for you and should not be sold in a place where health care products are sold.  I can barely contain my fascination with such a well put together argument.  I am curious to know how long it took her to research and come up with the conclusion that cigarettes are bad for you.  She claims that cigarette smoke is the leading cause of death in the world.  That is a well thought out and valid argument, it is also inaccurate.  The top two leading causes of death in the world are Heart Disease and Hunger, this pulled from data from the Center for Disease Control.

This is where the Nanny Staters (yep, that’s what I am going to call them) just absolutely drop the ball and have lost all touch with reality.  Just like the other bans they fail to see the big picture and haven’t figured out that people aren’t as dumb as they think they would like them to be.  Does anybody remember the Volstead Act?  Probably not, because it happened in 1920.  But banning products or forcing people to purchase things is not only borderline unconstitutional but completely irrelevant.  I mean this ban isn’t a complete ban on cigarettes, just in pharmacies.  But this isn’t 1950 where stand alone pharmacies exist.

The problem with all of these bans/regulations is that they cater to the exception rather than the rule.  The 4Loco ban was an outrage because a couple of idiots went binge drinking with it.  Then why wasn’t all alcohol banned?  The ban on fireworks has really helped control the possession during the 4th of July holiday.  The ban on dog racing was the dumbest thing ever.  It forced local businesses to close and put hundreds of people out of work.  The only ones who didn’t lose their jobs were the dogs themselves, being shipped to racetracks out of Massachusetts.  The residents of Massachusetts still got to bet on those dogs, they just have to travel to Rhode Island, Connecticut or New Hampshire.

Like I said, what Dr. Young supports is not a complete ban but a ban of cigarette sales in stores that have pharmacies.  That’s just idiotic.  Everything is bad for us, so if we ban cigarette sales in pharmacies because they are a contributing factor to lung cancer then just think of this:  One of the biggest problems in the country is obesity.  That would mean all candy, soda; chips and other junk foods would need to be removed from those same shelves.  That would mean all the cosmetics products that have been linked to cancer need to be removed.  The Wal-Mart’s that have pharmacies would need to remove their firearms from their shelves because shooting accidents have also been a large cause for death in the U.S. according to the CDC.  Let us not forget the grocery stores that have all these items in their stores with pharmacies

So basically the Nanny Staters would rather see business done elsewhere rather than in Massachusetts.  Because if you tell CVS, Wal-Mart, Target, Walgreens etc to remove damaging products from their shelves because they have pharmacies we will see them drop that service.  My assumption is that the sales of the other products outweigh the pharmacy sales and I can’t even imagine home much they enjoy dealing with the insurance companies.  So Dr. Young should stick to what she knows best, diagnosing the “owies” and the “sniffles” to the many kids that come into her office.  I am sure she is a wonderful doctor but she should leave the legislation to the legislators.  I am sure she would feel different about writing a script to a pharmacy that has a drive-thru, since car accidents are also a major contributor to deaths in the U.S.

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Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!

You can have every holiday you want, just leave me Thanksgiving.  I love Thanksgiving!  Everyone who knows me, I don’t like holidays much.  I think too much is made of them and they are over commercialized.  But not Thanksgiving.  That’s why I love it, I love everything about Thanksgiving.  The family, the friends, the food, the football and especially the total relaxation.  There are no obligations that come with Thanksgiving.  Every other holiday means gift giving of some sort, not Thanksgiving.  Thanksgiving is filled with tradition and commonality.  Mostly everyone I know does almost the exact same thing on Thanksgiving.  Those traditions obviously change over the years but the change isn’t that significant and it is so you can start a new tradition.

When I was a kid we would watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, the whole thing, and then head over to wherever we were going for dinner.  When I was in High School I would go out with my friends the night before, head to the football game the next morning, go to dinner and then meet up with my friends afterwards to do whatever it was that we did.  College and throughout my twenties was crazier, I would again, go out with my friends to the bars and we would drink ourselves into an oblivion.  Then next day we would go where we were going and then meet up again that night.  Now that we are married and have kids, us and our friends get together on Wednesday night and hang out.  On Thursday morning we go catch the football game and then we head to my in-laws for the day.  I just love it, it doesn’t get any better than Thanksgiving.

I don’t know why I love Thanksgiving so much, maybe it’s because it is slowly becoming the forgotten holiday.  There is no commercial value to Thanksgiving and that’s why stores go from Halloween straight into to Christmas.  Kudos to Nordstrom’s, who hasn’t bought into this whole Black Friday, decorate our stores for Christmas and blare Christmas music on October 15th.  They shouldn’t have to.  Holidays are a time to spend with your families and reflect on the year that has just passed.  It is the time to appreciate what you have and no holiday does that better than Thanksgiving.  My wife and daughter don’t need  Thanksgiving outfits, jeans and a sweater will suffice.  There is no disappointment of who didn’t get what gift, just food, family, friends and football.

There are many things that I have to thankful this.  I am thankful that I have a job that pays the bills and challenges me every day.  I am thankful that I coach a great bunch of girls at Holy Name and that we kick off our season on Monday.  I am thankful for the opportunities that I have to be a baseball umpire and basketball referee.  I am thankful that I will be moving into a new home this weekend.  I am thankful that I have the best family and friends in the world.  I would put them up any group of friends and definitely come out on top.  I am thankful for a great 2 year old little girl that is always at my heels.  I am thankful for the addition of my family that is due to arrive this spring.  But most of all I am thankful for my wife, she is the most amazing woman.  The fact that she puts up me with me day in and day out is what is so amazing about her.

I just want to take this time to say Happy Thanksgiving to all of you that read my blog.  Spend it with your families and stay away from the stores until Friday.  Happy Thanksgiving!!

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No sympathy for our soldiers???

With Thanksgiving kicking off the Holiday season you can’t help but think
about our troops overseas, no matter where in the world they are. The sacrifice
of giving up these holidays with their family and friends is what they signed
up for and you will never hear a soldier complain. They spend all the holidays
eating meals with their fellow soldiers in a cafeteria style type of atmosphere
and then maybe they are able to watch football if they are not on duty that
night. Again, they do not complain. Would they rather spend these days with
their families? Of course they would. I am not or never have been a soldier but
I can imagine the homesickness during the holidays being somewhat unbearable.
So any piece of home is greatly appreciated by these soldiers, and the support
from people back home is deserving.

So last week when I saw that Suffolk Law professor Michael Avery sent an
e-mail to his colleagues stating that they should not partake and the school’s
annual care pack for soldiers drive was disturbing. It’s not that fact that he
did not want to participate, he has that right. It was the fact that the he
claims the soldiers don’t deserve it. His claim was “I think it is
shameful that it is perceived as legitimate to solicit in an academic
institution for support for men and women who have gone overseas to kill other
human beings”
. Is this clown kidding me? He went on to say that
sympathy for American troops in harm’s way “is not particularly
rational in today’s world”

I think I just threw up in my mouth reading that last quote.

Avery is a Constitutional Law professor and he is able to recycle this
garbage in his class room. He probably gets very excited when talking about the
1st Amendment. I am curious to know how is class time goes when he is talking
about Article I, Section 8 that covers Congress’ power to provide and maintain
an Army and Navy. He has every right not to support this drive at his place of
his employment, but to disrespect the men and women of our Armed Forces is way
out of line. I have the honor to be friends with many people that are soldiers,
and some that are former soldiers. They are the most stand up and respectful
people I know. To be quite honest, I don’t thank them enough for the service
they do and have done for our country.

Now, if Prof. Avery has issues with the war, that’s one thing. Everyone to
some degree has issues with war. That just means you need to march to 1600
Pennsylvania Avenue and discuss that with the Commander-in-Chief. The President
and Congress decide whether our soldiers go to war. Not the soldiers. They are
simply carrying out orders directed by the commanders. They are protecting a
nation and they are sacrificing a lot more than you, Prof. Avery. Do not show
your aggression to the soldiers. They need our support, they want our support
and most importantly they deserve our support. In writing this only one thing
comes to mind and it’s a quote from Jack Nicholson in a Few Good Men:

“……..I have neither the time nor the inclination to explain
myself to a man who rises and sleeps under the blanket of the very freedom that
I provide, and then questions the manner in which I provide it. I would rather
you just said thank you, and went on your way, Otherwise, I suggest you pick up
a weapon, and stand a post……”

Nicholson’s character in the movie was a little off but he couldn’t have
been more spot on. So when you are having Thanksgiving dinner this week
surrounded by your family and friends. Take a minute to give thanks to the
people that make Thanksgiving possible. When you are at stores shopping at 9pm
Thursday, Midnight or 4 am Friday, if you are able to, purchase something for a
soldier overseas, maybe even just a Christmas Card. It will do wonders for a
soldier’s morale.

 I agree with Prof. Avery on one point, I don’t feel sympathy is rational for
our soldiers. I think respect and gratitude is more deserving to our soldiers
is more appropriate. I am honored to be an American Citizen and I am proud of
the men and women of our Armed Services.

If you would like to send a care package to our troops there are many
charities that provide that service, just search the net. Here is one that I
like, Operation


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3D Ramblings 11/18/2011

So much has happened
over the last two weeks and cutting my list down to 10 was difficult.  I said my peace of the Penn State Scandal and
I will say no more.  That story disgusts
me on so many levels that I don’t want to even think about.  One storyline that is missing on this list is
about the Suffolk Law professor against sending care packs to our troops.  He gets his own blog, coming Monday.   This weeks 3D Ramblings:
  • Andy Rooney Dies – Love him
    or hate him the man was a media icon. 
    He was very opinionated and somewhat controversial.  If the setting that he reported from on
    60 Minutes was his actual office, then he needed a maid as well.  He gave his opinion without any worry to
    who would come at him for it.  He
    came across as a grumpy old man in some respects, but that was just who he
    was .  He will be missed and 60
    Minutes should do the right thing and not replace his piece on the
    show.  Many even some air of silence
    for a while.
  • European Economic Crisis –
    It’s funny to think that three years ago during his Presidential campaign
    and his tour of Europe, as a candidate, President Obama told Americans
    that the U.S. needed to be a lot more like Europe.  I find it odd that we have not seen any
    snippets of those comments given recent events in Europe.  Europe has been a mess for a long time,
    as is the case with any socialist countries.  They will eventually run out of other
    peoples money leading to default and near economic collapse.  Sorry Barry, stick to things you know
    like organizing community actions.
  • Occuriots – Ok ok, I have not
    normally paid any mind to these people and the fact that they continue to
    be covered by the media irritates me. 
    Can the media please stop referring to these people as Occupy
    “residents”?  I’m sorry,
    residents pay taxes and it is quite obvious they are part of the 54%, you
    know the 54% of the population that doesn’t pay taxes.  These have not become peaceful
    anymore.  What we have seen in
    Oakland and Atlanta are not covered by the 1st amendment.  I blame the local leaders for allowing
    these people to gain steam and not squash it from the beginning.  They have the right to protest.  They do not have the right to trespass,
    litter, destroy and defile property, and sell drugs.  Unfortunately the local leaders have
    painted themselves into a corner and this not going to end well on all
    fronts.  BTW, I saw my first
    “Save Tibet” sign at Occupy Portland.  I was wondering where those clowns have
    been hiding.
  • Wrongfully accused – I saw on
    the news a week back that man was charged with assault after drawing a gun
    on someone and then beating him. 
    What’s wrong with that you ask? 
    The being charged was protecting his property when he caught a the
    “victim” breaking into his work truck and stealing items from
    it.  So if all the occuidiots are
    complaining about their 1st amendment rights being violated, this guy’s
    2nd amendment rights are able to get trampled.  So basically we are allowed to bear
    arms, just not use them.  Why is
    this man not able to protect his property? 
    His livelihood was being jeopardized and he is being punished for
    protecting those interests.  Please
    call me to this jury, it would be the first time I would be happy to serve.
  • Wal-Mart and other stores –
    Black Thursday? – Ok Family Values and traditions continue to get trampled
    on during the holiday season.  Black
    Friday used to be the worst for me when I worked at a mall in high school.  People would show up right when the mall
    open at 10 am, that’s fine, those were the store hours.  But then the big box stores needed to
    push the hours back to 5am, that’s fine, it’s your business open at what
    time you want and then a few years ago stores started opening up at
    midnight of Thanksgiving.  Ok, a
    little crazy and disrespectful to your employees, but fine.  NOW, Wal-Mart announces it is going to
    better that, they are opening up at 10pm on Thanksgiving night and
    Toys-r-us follows up saying they will open at 9.  This is getting a little out of control
    and can we please let one holiday end before we start prepping for the
    next…No wonder I am a Grinch at Christmas time.
  • Carrier Classic – If you
    watched the game between North Carolina and Michigan State on the flight
    deck of the USS Carl Vinson I’m sure you will agree with this description
    for the people that didn’t. 
  • Lt. Governor Accident – Ok
    this is old news and maybe under reported. 
    Something just doesn’t smell right with the Lt. Gov. Murray’s early
    morning accident a few weeks back. 
    He was heading towards Worcester at 5:30am.  He claimed he went out to get a coffee
    an paper and view snowstorm damage. 
    It was dark out, and he had no paper or coffee.  I am not saying there is malice
    involved, but something just isn’t right with this story and I am having a
    hard time letting it go.
  • Herman and Gloria Cain – I
    think Herman Cain is a nice guy but he is starting to show he is in way
    over his head with his Presidential candidacy.  The accusations of sexual harassment
    haven’t helped his cause and I am more apt to believe the first three
    silent accusers rather than the one that was tranced out by Attorney of
    the Mistresses Gloria Allred.  I’m
    not saying these accusations didn’t happen, but I have not seen anything
    that they had.  For the liberal base
    that are attacking Gloria Cain for standing by her man, people in glass
    houses shouldn’t throw stones (i.e.. Secretary of State Clinton).
  • All State Commercial Guy –
    Those Mayhem is everywhere commercials crack me up.  If they came up with a sitcom of just 10
    commercials each week like that, I would watch.  It is definitely must see TV
  • Worcester’s ever changing
    political landscape – I hope you didn’t think I was serious with the lead
    in because I was laying on the sarcasm pretty think.  Although we did get two new faces onto
    the council and one was because the incumbent decided not to run.  I just don’t get the voters in this
    city.  People complain about the
    high taxes, the gloominess of the city, why do they have to pay for trash
    bags, why is dealing with city agencies so difficult…why, why, why.  I pose a question to the
    complainers.  Why do you keep
    sending the same boobs back to city hall? 
    It is the blind leading the blind down there and it is not going to
    change if the same people continue to stay there.  Worcester’s major problem is that it
    can’t get out of its own way and that starts with the city council.  We are a nation of wanting more but
    settling for less.  That needs to
    change and people need to take action and get some new people in local,
    state and federal positions.  So get
    out and support the Bill Coleman’s, Bill McCarthy’s and Steve Buchalter’s
    and maybe we will get the change we need.
Rambling Right Atcha

Rambling Right Atcha

People are really fans of Jersey Shore?

So I was bored.  I needed something to write about.  So what do I do?  I watched the last two episodes of Jersey Shore in Italy.  This was worse than a train wreck, you just can’t make this stuff up.  I am trying to figure out the popularity of this show, unfortunately I don’t see it.  For the ladies, is it because the guys are attractive and fit, the girls are fashionable, they are always going out dancing?  For the guys, is it?….or?…..Apparently it’s not the intelligence of the characters.  I literally felt dumber after watching that show.  I may hold the citizens of New Jersey accountable for letting MTV call the show “Jersey Shore”.
I don’t even know where to begin with this.  The two episodes that I saw were the season finale and the reunion episode.  So I guess I will start with the last regular episode.  I’m glad that I wasn’t privy to the “drama” that went on in the house during the previous episodes, so I was a little lost as what was going on, but it wasn’t hard to catch up. So, the crew is in their final days in Italy and there is sentiment that Mike “The Situation” is either not going to go back to Jersey or wouldn’t be welcomed back.  All this because the roommates felt that he was being too much of an ass.  Really?  I really couldn’t tell the difference between them being normal or them being an ass.  There had been tension in the house all season with Mike.  He apparently had “hooked up” with “Snookie” jeopardizing her relationship with her boyfriend.  Good Lord.  He became distant and began to try to grab attention by stating he wasn’t going back to the Jersey Shore.  Nobody bought into it and he stated at the end of the show that he was going to return to Jersey.  I hate to break it to you Mike, you lose your meal ticket when you leave the show.  Without the show you are just another jug head.

What boggled my mind was they were in Florence and they waited until the last day in the city to go sightseeing.  I have been to Florence a couple of times and spent 5 great days there on my honeymoon.  I can’t wait to go back because the city is fabulous and full of culture.  How can these clowns claim to be Italian and not respect a city like Florence.  I am revoking their Italian cards because they don’t deserve them.  When being shown one of the statues of David done by Michelangelo, you’ve heard of him, right?  All the girls could say was “I’d do him”.  Anyway, I can obviously see that these people do not appreciate the finer things in life.  The fact that they got lost going home from a club that they most likely frequented all season long, just shows their mental capacity is that of a 12 year old.  They would leave Italy and season was over.

Watching the reunion episode gave me a headache.  The one redeeming thing was that the host Amy Paffrath would make fun of the cast when they said stupid things, which was quite often.  So some of things I missed during the season were:

  • “Meatball Problems” – when Snookie and Deena would do something stupid they would call it a Meatball Problem.  The frequency and the stupidity of these “problems” doesn’t make them Meatball problems.  You may need to get yourselves tested for much bigger problems.
  • Geography – Snookie answered a question from Paffrath of what she liked most about Italy with “The Geography”.  Please see previous observation.
  • The Fight – This is by far my favorite.  So Ron and Mike get into a heated argument that leads to them challenging each other to a physical confrontation.  To get himself amped up, Mike rammed his head into a cement wall and knocked himself out giving himself a concussion.  That is great stuff.  I don’t even have a joke there.

I am mad at myself by getting sucked into this and forcing myself to write about.  For those of you that love the show, you have some Meatball Problems.  Rest assured people you can bet on me never watching this show ever again.  If you have never watched it, please don’t

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Recapping the GOP Debates

I have a confession to make.  I had not been following the race for the Republican nomination as much as I should have.  Debates with so many candidates get confusing and is somewhat boring because there are just some candidates that just don’t belong there.  On the flip side of that is you get to hear the voice of the candidates that don’t raise as much money as the front runners and get to see how qualified they really are.  So my wife and I decided last week that we would watch both GOP primaries last week.  The one on Wednesday that covered the economy and the one on Saturday that cover National Security and Foreign Affairs. 

I had been reading about the few candidates that the media constantly reports on, but I wanted to see what the other candidates had to say.  I am glad I watched because I saw some good debates and one of the biggest debate gaffes since Admiral Stockdale asked to have the question repeated because he had shut off his hearing aid in the 1992 Vice-Presidential Debate. During the CNBC debate held on Wednesday the moderators completely challenged the candidates and that is what you look for in a debate.  Unlike four years where the moderators were all part of the slobbering love affair.  I thought John Harwood and Maria Bartiromo did a good job with the questions they asked, and a very good job following up when not getting the answer to the question they were asking.  A couple of times during the debate Bartiromo and candidate Newt Gingrich intellectually sparred and neither one backed down.

The second debate was more lackluster than the previous debate.  It was does by CBS and covered National Security and Foreign Affairs.  I don’t think the moderators were as tough on the candidates as they could have been.  The moderators, Scott Pelley of CBS News and Major Garrett of the National Journal, were more concerned on the debate rules rather than getting to the issues at hand.  At one point Pelley told the audience to not applaud.  Why have them there then?  The questions were not as challenging and left the candidates reaching for substance to answers.  The questions were what to do with Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan.  My favorite response to the question is Pakistan friend or foe came from former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum.  He said that Pakistan has to be a friend because they are a nuclear power.  That’s great Rick, so wasn’t the U.S.S.R.  Where has Santorum been?  Pakistan has been hiding al Qaeda terrorists in their country, while they take aid from the U.S..  Do we wait for those nuclear weapons to get in the hands of terrorists before Santorum classifies them as foes?  Do me a favor Rick, stop complaining that you don’t get any questions during the debates and shut up. They don’t ask you questions because you say stupid things and they are protecting you from that.

I can’t continue to write this without commenting on Gov. Rick Perry’s memory loss during the CNBC debate when answering the question of what cuts he would make to the budget.  How anyone took Perry serious is beyond me.  He is riding the Tea Party wave of conservatism and he doesn’t realize that too conservative isn’t popular either.  When he was stumbling he could have covered himself by blurting out “Treasury”, he would have at least gotten some laughs.  He is definitely falling into the Stockdale category of “Who am I? Why am I here?” from the ’92 debate.  He tried to joke it off in the second debate, but too little too late.

The only uncomfortable moment in the debates came during the CNBC debates.  The moderators were adamant that the debate was to cover the economy when the candidates would steer off topic.  The John Harwood asks Herman Cain about his recent accusations and asks if he can be trusted.  After Cain handled it well and responded to the blindsided question, Harwood follows up by asking Romney, “As a business man would you hire Herman Cain among the accusations?”  Huh?  Romney handled it well and basically refused to answer the question.  I understand that at some point during these debates Cain will need to answer to the accusations.  But the moderators cannot make up the rules as they go.

It is quite evident that Romney looks like he is going to be the candidate.  The few things I noticed about the debate were that in neither debate the candidates did not go after each other. They even complimented one another, which the Republican Party needs.  Maybe it was the format and the rules, but it was refreshing.  The issues are more complex than people can image and to give the candidates 30 seconds to solve the economy, healthcare and foreign policy is just stupid.  Finally, I see a couple of candidates abandoning their presidency bids and are campaigning for the Vice Presidency.  I see John Huntsman as one of those candidates.  He has great experience both domestically and internationally.  Sorry John, there is no way there will be two Mormons on the ticket.  If Romney does win, I see a possible Secretary of State position in your future.  Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich has become very combative with the media during the debates and has been a protector of all the candidates claiming that all the candidates would be better than President Obama, and that should be unified message coming out of the debates.

I am still undecided as to who I like in this field but I did enjoy watching the debates.  I plan to watch more.  The next one on television in November 22, on CNN.

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Football First in Happy Valley

Another scandal has rocked
collegiate sports, however, a legendary coach is in the middle of this scandal
and he needed to resign immediately or be fired, not allowed to retire at the
end of the season to get a record breaking win. Joe Paterno needs to step away
from coaching at Penn State now, plain and simple. The university dropped the
ball on this one so Coach Paterno can get that one win to pass Eddie Robinson.
Once again Penn State is putting football ahead of what is right. Paterno
failed in his duty to do what was right in a scandal that rivals the Boston
church scandal. He is college football’s equivalent to Cardinal Bernard Law.

In the past we saw legendary coach Bobby Bowden being forced out at Florida
State after a cheating scandal, which he may or may not have been directly
involved in. He knew about it and the president of the school forced him to
retire. All time winning basketball coach Bobby Knight was fired from Indiana
University after an incident where he berated a student whom he felt
disrespected him. Texas Tech football coach Mike Leach was fired because he
hazed a football player with an injury. Butch Davis (UNC) and Jim Tressel (OSU)
were fired because they lost control of their players getting benefits from
agents that in some respect the NCAA should be providing players. Lastly, Duke
Lacrosse coach resigned amid a scandal of his players raping a woman at a
party. The players were falsely accused, but the coach never got his job back.

All of those reasons to be terminated are somewhat valid and I don’t mean to
dismiss them as not serious. But these pale in comparison to what is going on
at Penn State. If the examples above stopped at the desk of the head coach and
he was ultimately held responsible, then the same needs to happen here. Paterno
not only lost control of an assistant coach who was sexually abusing children.
He knew about it. The fact that all Paterno did was give the name to his
superiors is not enough, he should have called the police. If he was waiting
for the school administration to do that, then he should have dropped the dime
when it was clear that was not going to happen. Joe Paterno failed miserably in
this regard and needs to be held accountable for that.  Read the indictment and tell me that Paterno could not have done more
People are defending Paterno claiming he did the right thing, as one of my
Facebook friends stated “I guess we have different opinions on what
“the right thing to do” is in this type of situation.” he
couldn’t have been more spot on. When the AD and VP of the school did not
report to authorities Paterno should have reported them as well. What Paterno
did was not only wrong, it was criminal and how he will stay away from
prosecution is beyond me. All Joe Pa had to do was pick up the phone and dial

Jerry Sandusky, the accused coach, used his standing as a Penn State official
to lure boys into his charitable foundation and prey on them. He would bring
them to Penn State Football facilities and then he would have them sleep at his
home. These were very vulnerable and underprivileged children he was dealing
with. When the students wanted to distant themselves from Sandusky he became
angry and confrontational. That is the work of a sick individual and anyone who
protected him by not reporting him should be ashamed. To protect the sanctity
of a football program over the innocence of an 11 year old boy is absolutely
sickening. This definitely explains why professional coaches have the “I
am better than the world” mentality. We have seen it all the top schools
and all the top coaches. Nebraska, Ohio State, Miami, Auburn, Louisville, UNC
and so on. Coaches are coronated as kings the moment they step into town and
they act that way.

Joe Paterno failed miserably. Not in coaching, not in managing, but in basic
human decency. Will the public respond to him being set free as they did with
Casey Anthony, probably not. Paterno didn’t commit the crime but he helped
Sandusky get away with it for 11 years. He did not have to see all the
incidences, he didn’t have to know about all of them. He knew about one and
that was far more than enough. There is no more respect heading towards Happy
Valley. The school needed to do “the right thing”. They should not
let him retire, they let Sandusky retire and he used his retirement benefits to
harm children.

If Penn State wants to truly show
that football doesn’t come first, either forfeit the season or reject any bowl
invitations.  They play one final home
game, this Saturday against Nebraska. 
Play the game and take all the proceeds from the game and give it to the
victims that Sandusky violated.  Then end
your season at Wisconsin on November 26. 
It won’t do anything in the long run. 
Joe Paterno should not get the media attention through the month of
December promoting his last game.
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Unguarded: The Story of a Basketball Junkie

Over the weekend I had the pleasure
of watching the ESPN Film “Unguarded”. It is the story of Fall River
native Chris Herren, a former high school and college standout who made it all
the way to the NBA. Chris would eventually fall into a drug problem that would
ultimately end his career. I have actually followed this story for the past
year, as a former AAU basketball coach there is a buzz among the coaches and I
had heard that Chris Herren was running basketball camps for AAU kids in Rhode
Island. Several months ago I had an article in the Providence Journal about
Chris’ new life and promoting his book “Basketball Junkie”. In that
article it was announced that ESPN was doing a documentary on it. I bought the
book and read it in less than a couple of days.

This film was well done, however it
left out how far Chris would go to do drugs. The film was basically bits and
pieces of his nationwide speech tour, where he would share his story with high
school students, AA meetings and at the Daytop treatment center, where he was a
patient. The Chris Herren story is a sad one, and if you know it from
beginning, Chris never had a chance. He was your prototypical high school
sports star in a town that loved basketball. He was following in his family’s
footsteps of great basketball players and had been anticipated as the next
great superstar, at 12 years old. That is extremely unfair for a kid that age
to pressure him into that type of role.

What the film is trying to capture
is that Chris was a prisoner of Fall River. The town had sunk his hooks into
him and would not let him go. As much as I wanted to believe that it is simply
not the case. Chris had a very strong support system. His brother and
especially his wife were always there for him, hoping to make him kick his
terrible habit and his addictive personality. That was Chris’ major flaw, he
was a good person, a good son, a good brother, a loving husband and father.
Neither the book nor the movie portrays him as an evil man as you see in many
cases with drug abusers. If it was just a case of the city he was from, then
once he left Fall River the problems would not have followed him to Fresno,
Denver, Boston, Bologna, Istanbul, Tehran, and so on. Chris was a junkie and
his body literally could not function without drugs.

In the film, Chris shared some
stories of his actions during his drugged out times. The book is Chris sharing
all those stories and the desperation he was facing as his body had conformed
to his addictive personality. A couple of the stories shared.

  • When needing shoulder surgery as a member of the Boston
    Celtics his body was so accustomed to Oxycontin that he was not responding to
  • When he was in rehab in Utah, while at Fresno State, his roommate’s
    girlfriend would sneak them drugs by putting them in a tennis ball and throwing
    it up to their balcony
  • While playing in China, he was at his apartment during an
    off day watching his son. He went downstairs to meet his dealer, he was already
    high. He had thought he had locked himself out of his apartment and broke down
    to door to get in. Come to find out, he was on the wrong floor.

The book and movie both miss the
mark on one facet. They definitely mentioned it but they could have gone into
it more. The true hero of this story is not Chris, but his wife Heather Herren.
It could easily be claimed that Heather did not sign up for. That is wrong, not
only did she sign up for it, she was going to beat this thing with Chris, she
was the rock that made the family stay together. She treated Chris like he had
any other sickness. Just because his sickness was a drug addiction, doesn’t
make him any less sick. She would not bail on him if he had cancer, so she
would not bail on him during his dark times. Heather is the true hero of this
story and as Chris stated in the first 15 minutes of the documentary when
recounting a story, “Heather saves the day again”

I truly recommend seeing
“Unguarded” and if you are truly mesmerized by this story then you
should read “Basketball Junkie”. It is a nice memoir and you will get
the true detail of what Chris Herren was going through. I want to thank Chris
Herren for sharing his story with the world, he is not alone, he has his
family, his friends and everyone either watched his movie or read his book in
his corner. Go get em Chris!


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Everyone Should Honor This Day

Today is a day that should get much
more recognition and exposure than it does. Today is Veteran’s Day, a day to
honor the brave men and women who have served and currently serve in our
country’s armed forces. If it were not for the troops that fought in 1775, the
United States would not exist. If it were not for the troops in World War II,
the United States would not have emerged as the leader of the free world.
People can attribute to these victories to George Washington, Franklin D.
Roosevelt and Harry Truman. They just gave the go ahead, they did not fight the

The United States Army, Navy and
Marines were created as a direct result of the American Revolution and haven’t
looked back for 236 years. The Marines celebrated their 236 birthday yesterday.
In between the signing of the Declaration of Independence and today this
country has had its ups and downs, but the one constant that has remained is
that our country has had the best military in the world. Even so much that they
are called upon to help in all the world’s problems. The military for the most
part has been a volunteer military, only forcing service in time of war. That
is what makes the United States military so great. The soldiers do this on
their own accord and they put their lives on the line to protect the liberties
that all of us take for granted. So today, I ask you to thank a friend of yours
that serves or has served in the military. If you see a soldier walking about,
stop and thank them as well. They deserve your respect and your gratitude. Here
are some people I would like to thank.
Timothy MacCartney Sr. – United
States Army
Timothy MacCartney Jr. – United
States Army
Cary MacCartney – United States Army
Craig Tomanini – United States Army
Jill Murray Wildt – United States
Marine Corp.
Sam Wildt – United States Navy
Don Mason – United States Army
Eric Catalanotti – United States
Robert Catalanotti – United States
Justin LaMonda – United States
Marine Corp.
Denny Brigley – United States Army
John Finneron – United States Army –
P.O.W. World War II
David Layman – United States Navy
Dan Thibodeau – United States Marine
Kim-Cameron King – United States
Marine Corp.
Mary McCue – United States Marine
Rusty Williamson – United States
Nick Fortunato – United States Navy
Paul Dell’ovo – United States Air
Paul Vigneault – United States Navy
If I got anyone’s branch of service
wrong I apologize. Please drop me a line to correct. If I forgot anybody, it
wasn’t intentional. Thanks again for your service and Happy Veteran’s Day.
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Worcester Election Blog

In these trying and difficult economic times for local economies, it is every resident of the City of Worcester to come up with ideas for ways for the city to save money on the budget. I am still confused as to how the City of Worcester has all of these budget gaps because they are the personification of government bureaucracy. Try going to get anything from the city without having to pay for it, and try paying by check.

In the past year it has come to our attention that house valuations from the city assessor’s office have evaluated properties too high. Are people not paying their property taxes? If not, then there should be no income loss there. Especially when property taxes continue to rise. Then there is the cost of the yellow city trash bags. They were introduced several years back to tax renters in the city. That program was designed to make everyone pay a “property tax” and in return that income would offset and keep property taxes from rising. When initiated the bags cost $5 for 10 small and 5 large bags. Since being introduced the price of bags have risen $2.50, and so hasn’t property tax rates. So much for that program helping out city residents. Definitely no income loss there.

But cutting those fees and taxes are not the savings idea that I have for the city. The savings idea that is minimal and probably insignificant but a savings nonetheless. It would save the city $34,000 a year, that’s it. I propose that the City of Worcester eliminate the office of mayor. It’s pointless, it’s costly and it’s not needed. Under the charter of the city the City Manager is the chief executive and mayor is nothing more than a figure head and the facilitator of council meetings. Beside the fact that it is a very highly paid part-time job the mayor holds no influence in delegating in the local government. Sure the mayor sits as the deciding vote on the School Committee. Here is a novel idea, if we desperately need someone to preside over these meetings then have the committee’s elect a chairperson amongst themselves or, wait for it…….have the City Manager do it. My thought is the City Council elect a chairperson amongst themselves to oversee council meetings and have the City Manager run the School Committee meeting. The City Manager’s contract come up to the City Council and would be a conflict of interest. In any case, you see my point for the unnecessary need for the position of Mayor for the City of Worcester. I’m sure the city budget could find a place for that salary.

That is my savings idea for this election season and I am sure I can think of more savings that I will comment on later on. Now for my endorsement, the highly coveted 3D endorsement for Mayor of Worcester goes to, Bill Coleman. This is Coleman’s 4th time running for Mayor, it may be more, but I lost track. He obviously wants the job. He has my endorsement because he is a new face in the landscape of Worcester politics and it is quite obvious political hacks at City Hall need to be replaced. I am not riding the wave of anti-incumbency, or any specific movement. I have the strong belief that if you cannot do your job on the council, you don’t deserve another term and should be replaced. And you should definitely not be able to grow roots their either. I am sure I have made my term limits position widely known. So vote for Bill Coleman and anyone else that has not been at City hall before too.


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