3D Ramblings 2/10/12

First Rambling in a while and there is so much to talk about. I am still
keeping it to 10, I am mixing it up. My experiences with the City of Worcester
and this lovely nanny state of Massachusetts would have closer to 100 but why
beat a dead horse. Worcester and Massachusetts are designed for the incapables
and the residents have resigned to that fact. I digress, so let’s get to the

Facebook IPO – The social media
website has applied for an IPO to raise $5billion. The list of people to make
millions is staggering. Especially the artist who took stock options instead of
payment when he painted the first Facebook offices. I bet Erica Albright is
wishing she was dating a Stairmaster now, doesn’t she.

Beer Pong – A Manhattan judge
threw out the lawsuit of a New Jersey man who after playing Beer Pong all night
at an NYC bar, thought it was a good idea to walk across a New Jersey Highway
and got hit by a car. Four hours after the accident his blood alcohol level was
still .26. Good for the judge to throw this case out, now only if the judge was
a Darwinist and could sentence on his beliefs, that would be justice.

Spanking – A recent study showed
that spanking leads to troubled adulthoods. What happens to adults that were
beat down when acting up as kids? If the study is true I want to apologize in advance
to anything I do to you. I truly think I am a better man today because when I
acted out as a kid my parents did not hesitate to give me a “schiaffo”. It taught me right from wrong, I never did it again.
Can we please stop making excuses for the vagrants in the world?

Picadilly Pub
This week the Picadilly Pub closed its doors with the hope of re-opening again.
I seriously doubt that will happen. I understand the fact that businesses need
to close shuttering locations, a heads up would be nice. What happens to the
people that work there and had no clue, and the customers that have gift
certificates? Sorry!

Komen Flack – Ok,
maybe I don’t get it. But if a private organization decides it doesn’t want to
fund something anymore, where do government officials come off bullying them
into changing their mind? If the Susan G. Komen didn’t want to fund Planned
Parenthood anymore, not only are they not obligated too, they don’t even have
to disclose why. I guess I am disturbed by everyone involved in this scenario.
So my suggestion is, if you want to donate to breast cancer research please
donate to the Kay Yow CancerFoundation. Susan G, will not be getting anything from this girls
basketball coach.

Super PAC reversal
– The White House and President Obama reversed course this week and claimed it
was in support of Super PAC donations in the upcoming elections. It was mighty
big of them since in 2008 they were able to raise $750 million after
backtracking on the claim that they would only accept the public funding. I
truly have no problem with this, but, Obots hear me loud and clear, the
President has said it is ok for corporations to put money into political
campaigns. This is the last I want to hear of it.

Gay-Marriage reversal
-The California Supreme court this week reversed a law, voted by the residents
of California banning same-sex marriage. The opens the doors for gays to marry
in California. Seriously, does anybody really care? Why is this topic still
news? I have no problems with gays marrying. However, the issue I have, gay
marriage aside, is the legislating from the bench. This ruling is another
example of the invalidity of elections. The residents of California voted and
that should have been it. Ballot questions should go through the Constitutional
ringer BEFORE they are put on the ballot.

Gisele – Ok, am I
the only one who thinks Gisele is being treated unfairly after she ran her
mouth after the Super Bowl? First off, she wasn’t saying it to reporters. Some
schmuck with a camera phone happen to catch Gisele during an exchange with an
obnoxious fan. Whatever happened to stand by your man? What was she expected to
say? I do believe someone in Gisele’s stature and fame should know better to
run her mouth in tense situations because someone is always watching.

Eggs – Making
breakfast the other day the Brown eggs commercial popped in my head. So, if
Brown Eggs are local eggs, where do white eggs come from? They have to be local
to someone, right? Just saying.

Catholics and Contraception
– so know some Catholics Democrats are retreating on some of Obamacare because
it forces Catholic institutions to cover their employees for abortions, which
is against the Catholic belief. I hate to say I told you so, but this law was
voted on almost three years ago. It is just proof that nobody read this damn
thing before voting on it. I believe more situations like this will emerge. Like
full dental coverage for residents of Alabama, there is just no need for it.


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