Is Now The Time To Sell?

Have you been thinking about selling home? Is your current property too large? Too small? Too expensive? Too hard to manage? Are you ready to travel more? Whatever the reason, you’ve been thinking about a move but you don’t know if it’s the right time to move?  This might be the right time to sell!… Continue reading Is Now The Time To Sell?

A Journey to a new Life

Tuesday February 13, 2018.  That was my day of clarity.  I had a sleepless night because it was my first night with a CPAP machine.  I had recently been diagnosed with moderate sleep apnea.  During a sleep study just after the New Year I had stopped breathing 23 times an hour.  So that Monday night… Continue reading A Journey to a new Life

No! It’s not OK!

So I wake up this morning to see that a Comedienne Kathy Griffin was trending on Twitter.  I couldn’t imagine why because I never really thought she was funny, and then she proved me right.  The picture of Griffin holding a bloodied mask of President Trump as if she had just decapitated him is disturbing… Continue reading No! It’s not OK!

2017 Oscars Preview

By Nick D’Andrea In 2005, the Baseball Widow came home from work and said “Michael Graham just said something I thought was pretty cool”.  She went on to explain to me the tradition that Graham and his wife had going to see the Oscars Best Picture nominees.  I like movies and the idea and I… Continue reading 2017 Oscars Preview