3D Ramblings 2/17/12

Another edition of 3D Ramblings.  Normally I do this every
other week but this week was so full of crazy and whacky stuff I just had to
write one this week.  In the Ramblings this week I do mention the death of
Whitney Houston, briefly, but yesterday something else happened around it that
I needed comment in my opening.  Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey is
having flags fly at half-mast in honor of the pop stars death.  Sorry Gov.
I am normally with you on things, this is not one of them.  Whitney
Houston has done nothing for this country to warrant the flag being set at half-mast.
 She does have the best rendition of “Star Spangled Banner” in
modern time, but that was a paid gig.  On to the Ramblings.
Fuzzy Math – For those of you who think the Stimulus
worked check out these numbers.  The City of Modesto, CA received $1.8
million in stimulus money to purchase and rehab five foreclosed homes.
 They used the full allotment of money and when the houses all sold, the
total back was $1 million dollars.  I’m no genius but $1 million is less
than $1.8 million.  So we took a Private Sector loss, bailed them out with
public money and then took a loss on that as well.  Ummmm….Yeah
Maine Football Coach – A Maine high school football coach
resigned this week after he “accidentally” posted nude photos of
himself on Facebook.  Here is another example of Facebook taking the fall
in a place where Darwinism should reign.  Most men think that the male
body is the most atrocious looking thing in the world.  There is no way in
hell that a normal man, let alone a teacher, would take, let alone post
pictures on the internet.  Charles Darwin, I salute you.
Newt Gingrich and his women – This story is old and people have probably
forgotten about it.  It is widely known the affairs Gingrich had while in
Congress and it came out that he asked his second wife for an “open
marriage”.  The liberal media was all over this.  Apparently
this is only acceptable behavior of the President, not someone running for
President.  The two most revered Democratic Presidents in recent history
were both having affairs while in the Oval office.  At least Gingrich had
the decency to ask his wife to accept the fact.
Only in Massachusetts – Can someone who has never held public
office, have no political experience, or has even run for a public office be
the overwhelming favorite to win a Congressional seat once held by Barney
Frank.  Why?  Because his last name is Kennedy.  At least
Elizabeth Warren was a Consumer Advocate and took on some businesses for the
rights of people.
Say it ain’t so!! – A Gallup poll released this week state
that 85% of small business owners polled stated they are not looking for
workers because they are worried about the overall economic outlook and the
cost of having to provide healthcare under the Obamacare mandate.  Well,
knock me over with a feather on that one.  So now that businesses aren’t
going to hire because of healthcare, what are we going to do about the people
who can’t find work because of Obamacare?
Jeremy Lin – Stop the Linsanity.  How awesome
is this kid?  Floyd Mayweather made a comment that Lin is only getting the
attention because he is Asian and that black players have been doing it
forever.  If that’s the case lets scale back the salaries to a more commensurate
level.  I suggest Floyd go get his ass kicked by another Asian and leave
the basketball to the pros.
Payroll Tax Cut deal – Honestly, is anybody really surprised
that this got done?  It’s an election year.  I predict that most of
the stalemates will stop this year because the bubbleheads in Washington think
that the American people are stupid.  Some of them are, but not all of
Chicago-style – Two Chicago police officers were
arrested by the FBI because they took what they thought was drug money from a
“runner”.  Chicago corruption is almost as surprising as
political flip flopping, but Chicago takes the cake in this whole ordeal.
Who should pay? – This week there have been meetings in
Boston to discuss ways to close the $161 million shortfall that faces the MBTA.
 Riders of the T were extremely vocal in protest of fare hikes and cuts in
services and stated that the legislature just raise the tolls and the gas tax
to pay for it.  So let me get this straight, these people want people who
don’t use the T to pay for its mismanagement?  Well, then just sign me up
because that makes perfect sense.  Damn Communists!  Charles Darwin,
I salute you.
Death of Whitney Houston – Sad?  Yes.  Tragic?
 Yes.  Unfortunate?  I guess.  Surprising?  Absolutely
not. Whitney’s voice will be missed.  RIP.
Coming Right Atcha!!

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