What is wrong with people?

I had resigned to the fact years ago that there are sick people in this
world, but some of the stories that have made the news over the past week, I
can’t help but shake my head. Maybe it is upbringing, maybe it is surroundings
but some people are just crazy and you have to wonder what the hell is wrong
with them.

The lady from Texas, who killed her 4 year old child, drove to New Hampshire
and left his body by a road and then left. I’m sorry but if you hate being a parent
that much you just need to give that child up for adoption. It’s bad enough
that she ruined that poor boys life by being his mom; she just had to go and
end because she felt he was ruining hers. The worst part of that story is that
she got a 45 year sentence. So the taxpayers will continue to pay for this lady
and a little boy is buried. What the hell is wrong with people?

In Fall River this week, 20 people were left homeless and some have lost
everything because of a fire to a three family home that damaged surrounding
homes. It was ruled and arson and the police have a man in custody that may
have set the fire. It has come out that the landlord of the house has been
harassed by a neighbor and retaliation could have been sought out. The issue, a
street parking spot. The last time I checked nobody owns the parking rights to
a street. I could go down there and park my car and never come back, I have
just as much a right to it than anyone else there. But the fact that someone
was so angry that a public parking space was in dispute, they decided to set
the man’s house on fire. How can someone be that mad over anything to resort to
such a heinous act? Luckily for this guy, nobody died. Unlike the story several
years ago of a lady setting fire to her ex-girlfriend’s house and killing her
two daughters.

People get mad and sometimes discussions get heated. But in the end you
either let it go or walk away. I have never been one to resort to violence and
I never got the lump heads that would go out every weekend to fight anybody in
their way. I have decided that there is nothing in the world with the exception
of a physical threat to my family that I would result to a physical
confrontation. If someone is yelling at my wife and he tells me she was being a
“bitch”, I will need to confirm that accusation before I proceed. If
she was, I will leave it to her fight that one on her own. What’s right is right.
What has ever been proven from exaggerated machismo? Nothing!

But for the woman in Texas and the man (or woman) in Fall River, please get
help you have anger issues and you have thrown your lives away as a result of
it, just like many people that have had serious anger management issues.

Coming Right Atcha.

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