Super Sunday Diary

It’s Super Bowl Sunday and I just love this day of the year.  Especially this year that the Patriots are in it.  This year I decided to chronicle my day.  Not every moment, although it may seem it.   I warn you this is a little lengthy and there are gaps in the day.  But here is my Super Bowl Sunday for you.  Enjoy!

6:30 am – Cecilia comes into our room and wakes us up.  Darcy didn’t sleep great so I tried to convince Cecilia to go downstairs with me so Darcy could rest.  She’s a momma’s girl, wasn’t working.
6:54 am – Finally get Cecilia to go downstairs.  The Cat in The Hat is starting in 5 minutes so I watch the last 5 minutes NFL Matchup.  Hoge and Jaworski both pick the Giants.  Love that!
7:45 am – Having coffee and watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse with Cecilia.  Line of the day (so far) from the show, “I’m the genie of the desert but my mother named me Pete”.  Don’t know why that’s funny to me.
8:23 am – I am going to have that damn “Hot Dog” song from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse in my head all day.
8:38 am – Reading through Twitter and Facebook.  Many people are pumped about this day.  I must say, I am as well.  I have been overmedicating myself all week to be ready for game day.
9:56 am – My friend Mike sends me a text to remind me today is pay for out Fantasy League winner.  I have been doing this for 12 years and nobody has never gotten paid.  Thanks for the reminder though.
11:56 am – My friend Chris who is hosting us for the Super Bowl is complaining about how weird guests get the day of the game.  That is also something I did for 10 years.  I don’t do it anymore.
12:39 pm – At my in-laws for a family brunch they do with some of their oldest friends.  I just walked into a room where there are 10 different conversations going on at once.  I immediately turned around and went the other way.
2:10 pm – up at practice.  Since we have a week between games today is a Yoga session and weight lifting.  Watching the kids do yoga is pretty funny.
3:33 pm – Cecilia and I have no arrived at the Simpsons house.  Cecilia is out cold in the back seat because she didn’t want to nap today.  She wakes up as soon as I try to lay her down and she gets up and immediately goes to play.  Chris wants to go outside and throw the football around.
4:07 pm – We start our recent tradition which is a viewing of the greatest movie ever, Talladega Nights, The Legend of Ricky Bobby.  Shake and Bake.
4:08 pm – I explain to my friends that I will be journaling the day like a Diary.  Chris says to me “Writing a diary really didn’t work out for Anne Frank”
4:09 pm – while the movie is setting up we are watching Bob Costas interview with Madonna.  I originally didn’t think Madonna aged well, I then realized she’s 53 years old.  I stand corrected.
4:10 pm – The First Beer of the day.
4:15 pm – The MacCartney’s arrive.  We notice that Shawn is wearing his new Bruins jersey and not the one the one that he wore while in attendance at Super Bowl XXXVI.  He claimed he retired it after Super Bowl XLII.  This new one was the one that he wore during the Stanley Cup run…so how bad could it be.  There is an importance to these things…it’s a total guy thing.
4:28 pm – My wife arrives.  Chris lets everyone know that he personally sat in each chair that he set up and said there was no bad seat in the room.  I immediately thought about the movie “Knocked Up” when Paul Rudd was high and counted how many different types of chairs there were in the room.
4:48 pm – Chris is clearly convinced that bacon makes everything better.  He is arguing that bacon would make cream donuts and ice cream better.  Sorry, I cannot agree with that.
5:31 pm – My friend Jay’s son Cam is being very shy and won’t give me a high five.  I’ll get one before the end of the day.
6:05 pm – I ask the question if it would be wrong of me to ask my pregnant wife to get me a beer so I don’t have to get up.  The answer was a resounding YES!  Including my wife from the other room.
6:11 pm – Chris is freaking out that Tom Brady is not wearing a helmet to run out onto the field. “Why is he doing that????”
6:14 pm – The O’Sheas, the last of the guests arrive.  Shawn immediately starts his annual prop bets, these are not normal prop bets.  What will coin toss be, heads or tails?, which commercial will be played after kickoff of the second half.  The race of the man holding the chain during a first down measurement….and many more.
6:16 pm – its national anthem time and I look over and Cecilia and Chris’ daughter Abby are standing side by side look up at the TV with their hands on their hearts….Just awesome, no other description.
6:28 pm – Pats win the toss and defer.  I know they have been doing it all season, I would have loved to have seen them take the ball this time.
6:30 pm – KICKOFF
6:32 pm – Manning gets sacks and many profanities were being shouted….need to start yelling “Earmuffs” with kids in the room.  We are not 21 anymore.
6:40 pm – Pats hold and the punt pins them at the 4 yard line.  NBC goes to commercial with a Bud Light Platinum commercial.
6:42 pm – SAFETY….Damn..I guess it was a good call but I just think it was an overthrow…Pats fans have no right to complain since the Pats Dynasty started on a literal translation of the rule.
6:43 pm – A commercial with Flava Flav.  I guess he’s gotta work too, times are tough.
6:51 pm – The Pats recover a fumble on their own 10…..there’s a flag….too many men on the field….DAMN IT!!!!
6:52 pm – TD GIANTS……*&Y^%^$…….9-0 Giants
6:57 pm – I ask if anyone would be mad if I through the football at the TV.  Once again the answer was a resounding YES!
7:09 pm – NBC just went to commercial playing the saying “You down with JPP?” Really?
7:20 pm – Giants punt again…This guy is killing me with these punts.
7:34 pm – Al Michaels just referred to Welker and Woodhead as the “Smurfs”.  Gronkowski just made his first catch of the day.
7:36 pm – Commercial for the new Avengers movie.  Can’t wait to not see that.
7:43 pm – The Doritos commercial with the slingshot kid was pretty funny
7:47 pm – There isn’t a play in football I hate more than the handoff out of a shotgun….it very rarely works and time is running out in the first half to be making a call like that.
7:50 pm – TD PATS!!! 10-9
7:51 pm – Dane Fletcher just lit up the Giants kick returner.  We had to watch it 3 more times because DVR’s are awesome.
7:52 pm – Halftime Pats leading 10-9.  I am not even playing and I am drained.  The Giants are playing better right now but the Pats are not playing bad.  The penalty on the fumble recovery hurt and the safety obviously hurt.  It should be 10-2 Pats.  Although I didn’t agree with the safety call, it’s interpretation was right, therefore you cannot take it away from them.
8:05 pm – Watching the halftime show and we see that Jackie Moon is one of Madonna’s dancers.  Madonna is rocking out this halftime show, maybe the best ever, I still am biased to the U2 one in XXXVI.  The conversations shifts back to Bacon in Peanut Butter chocolate squares.  I swear Chris is menstrual about this bacon thing.
8:30 pm – The second half has started and the Pats have just scored a TD.  Brady to Hernandez.  The Pats take a 17-9 lead.
8:40 pm – The Giants drive down and kick a field goal 17-12.  I am not liking this.  The Pats cannot let these guys stick around.  It will not turn out good.
8:43 pm – John Stamos just got Head Butt in a commercial.  I may just buy stock in that company
8:49 pm – The Bud prohibition commercials are just not doing it for me.  There was no dust in the bars.  They just had speakeasy’s that made more money.
8:54 pm – Al Michaels just used the word fondling on TV in reference to praying…hmmmmmm
9:04 pm – Brady is picked off….GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR
9:14 pm – Wife just won $75 in a pool
9:17 pm – Jake Ballard just hurt himself trying to get healthy……hmmmmm
9:21 pm – Monkey commercials are always funny…they make me laugh.
9:25 pm – Did Mannigham just catch that f’n ball?????  Yes, Yes he did.  I have that empty feeling in my stomach.
9:38 pm – Two minute warning…this f’n sucks!
9:45 pm – Did Myra Kraft just push Bradshaw into the endzone….let’s hope so.
9:48 pm – CAN SOME PLEASE CATCH A F’N BALL????????
9:54 pm – Last chance….heave ho into the end zone….ball on the ground…..Pats lose

Congratulations to the Giants on winning the Super Bowl.  They certainly deserved it.  I do believe that either Hakeem Nicks or Mario Manningham should have won the MVP except for Eli Manning.  Just my thought.
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