My name is Nick D’Andrea and I live and was raised in Worcester, Massachusetts. I understand that it seems a tad pretentious to have a website to promote yourself.  However, I ran for office in 2015, created a website and decided to keep it, because I enjoy writing and working on websites, and you can never promote yourself enough.  Who knows, maybe I will throw my hat in the political arena again.  You can never tell.  


I am married to my beautiful wife Darcy. She is the best, and to not sound corny, she completes me.  She is the ying to my yang and has no issue telling me where to go if needed.  We have two beautiful daughters named Cecilia and Antonella. I truly enjoy time with my family, there isn’t a moment of the day where I wish I could just stop what I am doing and go hang out with my family.


I do a lot of things, my wife would say that I do too much.  She’s right, but don’t tell her that. I do have a full time job at a local heath care provider, I assist in coaching a girls high school basketball team, I help run an inner city baseball league, I am a member of the Holy Name High School Alumni Association and was recently appointed by the Worcester City Manager to the Community Development Advisory Council.  I officiate three sports, Basketball, Soccer and Baseball, doing the collegiate level in baseball.


I have always been known to be opinionated, sarcastic and relatively intelligent (please, no jokes). So I have decided to start blogging. About what you ask? Anything. Anything that comes in front of me that I think needs a little bit of criticism or praise. One day I will decide to write about politics, the next day I will write about the local issues and the next I will write about sports….. you seeing my pattern?