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In these trying and difficult economic times for local economies, it is every resident of the City of Worcester to come up with ideas for ways for the city to save money on the budget. I am still confused as to how the City of Worcester has all of these budget gaps because they are the personification of government bureaucracy. Try going to get anything from the city without having to pay for it, and try paying by check.

In the past year it has come to our attention that house valuations from the city assessor’s office have evaluated properties too high. Are people not paying their property taxes? If not, then there should be no income loss there. Especially when property taxes continue to rise. Then there is the cost of the yellow city trash bags. They were introduced several years back to tax renters in the city. That program was designed to make everyone pay a “property tax” and in return that income would offset and keep property taxes from rising. When initiated the bags cost $5 for 10 small and 5 large bags. Since being introduced the price of bags have risen $2.50, and so hasn’t property tax rates. So much for that program helping out city residents. Definitely no income loss there.

But cutting those fees and taxes are not the savings idea that I have for the city. The savings idea that is minimal and probably insignificant but a savings nonetheless. It would save the city $34,000 a year, that’s it. I propose that the City of Worcester eliminate the office of mayor. It’s pointless, it’s costly and it’s not needed. Under the charter of the city the City Manager is the chief executive and mayor is nothing more than a figure head and the facilitator of council meetings. Beside the fact that it is a very highly paid part-time job the mayor holds no influence in delegating in the local government. Sure the mayor sits as the deciding vote on the School Committee. Here is a novel idea, if we desperately need someone to preside over these meetings then have the committee’s elect a chairperson amongst themselves or, wait for it…….have the City Manager do it. My thought is the City Council elect a chairperson amongst themselves to oversee council meetings and have the City Manager run the School Committee meeting. The City Manager’s contract come up to the City Council and would be a conflict of interest. In any case, you see my point for the unnecessary need for the position of Mayor for the City of Worcester. I’m sure the city budget could find a place for that salary.

That is my savings idea for this election season and I am sure I can think of more savings that I will comment on later on. Now for my endorsement, the highly coveted 3D endorsement for Mayor of Worcester goes to, Bill Coleman. This is Coleman’s 4th time running for Mayor, it may be more, but I lost track. He obviously wants the job. He has my endorsement because he is a new face in the landscape of Worcester politics and it is quite obvious political hacks at City Hall need to be replaced. I am not riding the wave of anti-incumbency, or any specific movement. I have the strong belief that if you cannot do your job on the council, you don’t deserve another term and should be replaced. And you should definitely not be able to grow roots their either. I am sure I have made my term limits position widely known. So vote for Bill Coleman and anyone else that has not been at City hall before too.


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