Everyone Should Honor This Day

Today is a day that should get much
more recognition and exposure than it does. Today is Veteran’s Day, a day to
honor the brave men and women who have served and currently serve in our
country’s armed forces. If it were not for the troops that fought in 1775, the
United States would not exist. If it were not for the troops in World War II,
the United States would not have emerged as the leader of the free world.
People can attribute to these victories to George Washington, Franklin D.
Roosevelt and Harry Truman. They just gave the go ahead, they did not fight the

The United States Army, Navy and
Marines were created as a direct result of the American Revolution and haven’t
looked back for 236 years. The Marines celebrated their 236 birthday yesterday.
In between the signing of the Declaration of Independence and today this
country has had its ups and downs, but the one constant that has remained is
that our country has had the best military in the world. Even so much that they
are called upon to help in all the world’s problems. The military for the most
part has been a volunteer military, only forcing service in time of war. That
is what makes the United States military so great. The soldiers do this on
their own accord and they put their lives on the line to protect the liberties
that all of us take for granted. So today, I ask you to thank a friend of yours
that serves or has served in the military. If you see a soldier walking about,
stop and thank them as well. They deserve your respect and your gratitude. Here
are some people I would like to thank.
Timothy MacCartney Sr. – United
States Army
Timothy MacCartney Jr. – United
States Army
Cary MacCartney – United States Army
Craig Tomanini – United States Army
Jill Murray Wildt – United States
Marine Corp.
Sam Wildt – United States Navy
Don Mason – United States Army
Eric Catalanotti – United States
Robert Catalanotti – United States
Justin LaMonda – United States
Marine Corp.
Denny Brigley – United States Army
John Finneron – United States Army –
P.O.W. World War II
David Layman – United States Navy
Dan Thibodeau – United States Marine
Kim-Cameron King – United States
Marine Corp.
Mary McCue – United States Marine
Rusty Williamson – United States
Nick Fortunato – United States Navy
Paul Dell’ovo – United States Air
Paul Vigneault – United States Navy
If I got anyone’s branch of service
wrong I apologize. Please drop me a line to correct. If I forgot anybody, it
wasn’t intentional. Thanks again for your service and Happy Veteran’s Day.
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