3D Ramblings

In the two weeks of I have been blogging three times a week I thought I
would run out of steam. I realized that once I got going I had more to say than
I originally thought. I am trying to talk about important issues, issues that
are interesting and quite honestly any idea that pops in my head. That leaves
many topics that get missed. So starting today I will start 3D Ramblings, a
bi-weekly blog with 10 issues and a quick quip or comment about it. These 10
topics may have their own dedicated blog later on but I want to comment on them
now. So let’s roll the 3D Ramblings Top 10. In no particular order.
10. – Occupy (Insert City). I have no real opinion about these
groups. They are exercising their 1st Amendment rights and like Sarah Palin,
they will hopefully just go away. Until they begin to Occupy the correct city,
Washington D.C. their protests are fruitless. Once they get a unified message,
they will be taken seriously. For Example, in the Occupy Boston protest I saw a
man holding a sign saying “Bring My Brothers Home, Stop the Greed”.
If they were in Washington that would make sense to me, in Downtown Boston, not
so much.

9. – President Obama’s troop withdrawal in Iraq. I totally understand
both sides of the fence on this. It is time to start bring the troops home.
However, if the President is using it to fulfill a campaign promise, then he is
totally off base. And for God sake if you are going to take the credit for the
withdrawal, don’t pass off the criticism. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on
“Meet the Press” responded to host David Gregory’s question of
concerns over Iran invading Iraq once the U.S. troops are gone. “Well, we
are just following the timeline set forth by President Bush”. So does
President Bush get the credit for the withdrawal? Probably not.

8. – Winter Storm in October. WTF???

7. – College Football Conference shuffling. All of these teams are
maneuvering into large conferences so they are able to be in a conference with
an automatic BCS birth. I have a better idea. Come up with a playoff system and
Boise State won’t have to play in the Big East. The conferences are no longer
geographical and must do wonders on these “student”-athletes
“studies”. They will be traveling three days a week for road games.
It is time to declare DEATH TO THE BCS!!!

6. –Teachers Union Endorsements
Last week the Worcester’s Teachers Union endorsed only four candidates
running for the school committee. Ironically enough the four candidates
endorsed were those that have been critical of Superintendent Melinda Boone.
The Union claims that it is just a coincidence. That should make for a great
work environment when Ms. Boone’s contract is renewed. This is why unions need
to stay out of politics. Because if your political agenda is not met, nothing
will get done to protect our schools.

5. –Mass. Compared to U.S.A. Is anybody in Massachusetts surprised by
the turn of events in the country?  Let’s
do a recap of some national stories that compare with Massachusetts stories.
Solyndra: Evergreen Solar took tax payers money and declared bankruptcy, laying
off hundreds of workers long before it was cool to do so. Healthcare Reform: We
have had this in Mass for 5 years, my premiums keep going up. That will all
change under Obamacare. If you support Obamacare and are offended by that
comment, please don’t blame Mitt Romney. The blame game is getting old (see
point 9). Un-employment: Although the state’s average is below the national
average look at the companies that have left recently, Fidelity, HP and BNY
Mellon, and they just got here. The comparison is so eerie that President Obama
even copied one of Gov. Patrick’s speeches during his 2008 presidential

4. – Kardashian and Humphries Divorce. This is really not newsworthy,
nor does anyone really care. My guess is the lockout made Kim realize that she
couldn’t get to Jay-Z this season. Plus, even I didn’t know who Kris Humphries
was until he married Kim.

3. –Olver retirement. Congressman John Olver retiring from congress
citing “family issues”. Right! If you don’t believe he was forced out
by the goons in Washington to save their boy Jimmy Mac then I have some
Solyndra stock I want to sell you.

2. –Social Security cash negative. The Washington Post reported that
Social Security has gone “cash negative”. Tell me something that
everyone, other than the Obots and Baby Boomers didn’t already know was going
to happen. WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!

1. –Power Outages.  People
being without power for days. How can these companies not get their act
together? This is why their needs to be a free market for utilities in the
area. If people threatened to leave their respected companies when stuff like
that happens, their response time will be quicker. How can you claim you
weren’t prepared? Your job is to be prepared. Turn on the weather channel for
god sake.

Until next time
Coming Right Atcha

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