Things to Consider

Last week John Kerry was confirmed as the next Secretary of State
in President Obama’s administration.  I never been a fan of our Senator
and former Presidential candidate but I think he will be a very good Secretary
of State.  This position is where President Obama has gotten right both
times he has needed to fill the spot.  But with Kerry now moving on to the
State Department that leaves a Senate seat open next to senior Senator (gulp!)
Elizabeth Warren.  At the time of this writing there have been only 3
people to step forward and run for the open seat in the Special Election.
 On the Democrat side we have Congressmen Ed Markey and Stephen Lynch and
on the GOP side we have State Rep. Dan Winslow.  I am already bored with
this election.

So as we go
through another election cycle there are things that I am going to consider and
I think you should to.  This is more of a list of things that annoy me
during elections, which may or may not turn me off.  Needless to say, I am
a political junkie and I highly doubt they will turn me off, but one can hope.
“Experience” –  So Markey and Lynch already have a
strike against them,  Markey more so.  For the past few
 elections I have been totally annoyed about the “Experience in
Washington…”  that the incumbent or lifelong politician has been
touting.  I’m sorry, did I miss something?  Washington is still a
mess, right?  So what makes me want to vote for a guy that is promoting
that he has been in Washington all these years? Sorry sir, you are not the
solution you are part of the problem.  I am not looking for the status quo
I am looking for new innovative ideas and ways to cut spending, cut deficits
and work on bi-partisan legislation so there is less chance of repeal.
 – Now my wife would say that she can’t stand PAC’s, I actually
don’t mind them.  There is nothing wrong with people pooling their money
in support of a candidate.  What bugs the heck out of me is the million
commercials that both the candidates and PAC’s buy every 30 seconds.  It
makes watching local television unbearable.  I especially like when I have
to watch New Hampshire ad spots.  That makes me happy.  Political TV
ads need to go away.  Period.  If you want to reach people that you
really don’t care about, spend the time in their town or send them something in
the mail.  Don’t go out and lie on TV and promise them something they
don’t understand.  Someone called into a radio show and said that PAC’s
controlled the TV ad space because they “dumb down” to the electorate.
 I wouldn’t go as far to use the term dumb down, but the electorate is far
less informed than in the past.
for you”
 – I truly laugh at that.  There isn’t
a person in Boston or Washington working for me.  Not once has my
Congressman or Senator personally called or e-mailed me back when I have called
or e-mailed them.  I guess if I donated enough money to their campaign
they would work for me, because the money would work for them.  So, spare
me.  If you really want to work for me don’t run after two terms, don’t
grow roots.
The Hate – This really needs to stop.  When
did this get so personal?  I wrote about this back in September. When did
we lose the ability to agree to disagree?  I have many friends that don’t
agree with my political beliefs, but they respect it and I respect their views
as well.  We agree to disagree.
I am sure there
are others that bother you as well.  If so, I would love to hear from you.
 Please comment and let me know what bugs you about elections.  As
always vote your conscience.
If you don’t take
it from me, ask my wife.

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