A Day That is Super

This coming Sunday culminates the season of my favorite spectator
sport.  Football and especially the National Football League (NFL) is
America’s National Pastime.  Say what you want about baseball but it pales
in comparison to Football and its championship.  The only thing that any
sport has better than the NFL is hockey’s trophy.  The Stanley Cup is
pretty cool and is better than the Lombardi trophy.
I enjoy the Super
Bowl every year whether the Patriots are in it or not, and to be honest, being
a spoiled New England sports fan I have enjoyed it more over the last decade.
 Up until a few years ago I always hosted a Super Bowl party and then I decided
I just wanted to be a guest for a while and my friends happily obliged and took
it over.  This year’s Super Bowl is just as interesting as it is annoying.
 The storylines have taken over the actual football game and it center
around a handful of players.  If I were one of the other players I would
be saying “What about me??  I am here too” So here is my take on some
of the popular storylines and some so not popular.
 – I like this story line and I think it
should get more play.  I like it because not only are these guys brothers
but they are pretty good coaches.  It was a matter of time before older
brother John (Baltimore) got his team to a Super Bowl, because he is that good.
 I think it’s more impressive that it was done in a year when nothing was
expected of his team in the playoffs.  Younger brother Jim (San Francisco)
has done a wonderful job in the two years he has been at the helm and he is
just the motivator that this team has needed.  The one thing I would like
to see in this story line is if the score gets out of hand on either side I
want the other brother to call for his mom.  That would be poetic.
New Orleans Super Bowl Stat 
– Of the nine Super Bowls played in the
Big Easy the average margin of victory is almost 20 points.  If you take
away the Patriots last second three point win, the average is 22.  So if
history is any indication don’t be surprised if this game is a blowout.
 The NFC leads 5-3 with the AFL winning the other one.
The QB
– I have to admit that I have been a
Flacco hater, but he is slowly winning me over.  I have never been a
proponent of one QB outplaying another because the defenses are never taken
into account.  But last week Flacco just outplayed Tom
Brady.  The Patriots could have had the ’85 Bears defense and I don’t
think it would have made a difference.  Keep playing like that Joe and I
will eat crow.
I think Colin
Kaepernick is a good quarterback and could be really good.  But he is
letting this whole thing get to his head with his “Kaepernicking”,
his tattoos, and the enormous chip on his shoulder.  He reminds me of
“Steamin’ Willie Beamon” Jamie Foxx’s character in the movie “Any
Given Sunday”.  That character annoyed me to.
Alex Smith is the
Drew Bledsoe of this Super Bowl.  The unwritten rule in sports is that you
should never lose your starting position to injury.  As a Patriots fan I
cannot support that rule.  If it wasn’t for an injury to Bledsoe, who
knows what would have become of the Patriots.  Just saying.  If the
49ers lost every game after the injury with Kaepernick and the owners wanted to
fire Brother Jim.  He doesn’t get to use the excuse that his starter was
hurt.  He went with the hot hand and it worked.  That’s why he is the
someone else (At least for the AFC)
 – Since the Ravens were last in the Super Bowl in 2001 there
have only been four AFC franchises to represent the conference in the Super
Bowl.  The Patriots, Steelers, Colts and Raiders.  In that same time
frame the NFC has had ten and only one repeat, the Giants.
Ray Lewis’
last game
 –  Richard Lollar and Jacinth Baker.
 Those are the two men that died on January 31, 2000.  If you have
never heard their name or never hear them again, they are synonymous with Ron
Goldman and Nicole Brown Simpson.  It’s hard not to think of Ray Lewis and
not immediately think of the two men lay dead possibly at the hands of Ray
Lewis.  I commend Ray Lewis for turning his life around after the incident
and becoming an ambassador for the NFL.  He is strong in faith, strong in
family and just as strong on the football field, but Lollar and Baker still hovers
in my mind.  Lewis has had much help restoring image.  He is the only
Super Bowl MVP not to “Go to Disney World”, and that was because of
what happened in Atlanta.  Ray Lewis’ contribution to football is
enormous.  His contributions to society, those are still up for debate.
 So when you watch the umpteenth puff piece that ESPN or CBS does on him
up until kickoff, or when you see his crying face during the national anthem, remember the names Richard Lollar and Jacinth Baker.
There are many
more story lines for this Super Bowl, these are just the ones I had strong
opinions about.  Who am I rooting for?  I haven’t decided.  It
may even come down to me being the minority when I get to the party I’m going too.
 The only thing I am rooting for is that my family and I have a great time
with some great friends.  I think I will get what I am rooting for.
If you don’t take
it from me, ask my wife

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