Finding Nemo

Just like many of you this past weekend we were hunkered down
because of Blizzard Nemo.  So before I go into my truly unbalanced weekend
I must ask this question.  Did I miss the memo on naming of winter storms?
 When did this start happening?  Well, apparently The Weather Channel
(TWC) went rogue and decided to do this on their own.  That’s just great,
we give a media outlet that much power.  I guess than it is no different
than anything else.  Let’s move on.

I think I am the
only person that welcomed the “snowmageddon” we got over the weekend.
 Between my job, my basketball coaching and basketball officiating this is
an extremely busy time of the year for me.  I love what I do, and have no
regrets but a break is usually needed and Mother Nature is usually the person
who gives it to me.  So when I received word that my basketball duties
were cancelled for Friday, I was bummed and relieved, because I will get some
long overdue family time.
The beauty of
being snowed in for me is that my “honey-do” list indoor edition gets
worked on.  On Friday I started the day of with a trip to Home Depot, not
to get shovels or ice melt, but to get my honey do supplies.  I went to
work and then I took care of the most important thing that was needed for the
weekend, wine.  I visited my friends at The Wine Vine on Highland St. in
Worcester and I stocked up for the weekend.  Then it was on to family
With my wife
coming home early we hunkered in on Friday afternoon and had a really good
time.  We played games with our three year old, we watched a Disney movie and
did chores around the house.  My daughter was mesmerized by the snow and
was getting all geared up to make snow angels and snowmen.  We went
cautious with her explaining that there may be too much snow and it wouldn’t be
possible this weekend.  After a day of constantly just doing things,
including getting a workout in, my wife and I sat down and had a bottle of wine
and just “chilled”.
Saturday morning
as the snow continued my wife and I took the task on of teaching our daughter
to play Wii Bowling.  It was quite comical but she enjoyed and it kept her
out of a TV coma brought on about Disney and Nickelodeon.  I then took to
social media and was amazed at the amount of people talking about the same
thing, and posting pictures of the snow as if their scenario is any different
than anyone else.  I had some fun with it.  After I saw the twentieth
picture of someone’s snow covered car I went into my garage and took a picture
of my wife and my cars and posted them on the internet.
The snow ended and
this is where the weekend got a tad frustrating.  I went outside and
started to shovel, as you may already know I was stunned at how much I saw.
 I usually have my driveway plowed and I shovel the rest.  But when I
got there my street had not been touched by city plows and the plow for
driveway could not get down the street.  I was ok with it, I figured one
would be along soon.  Nope! My neighbors and I decided to take matters into
our own hand and clear what we could.  There is a large amount of
liability of doing that.  So for a city that fines people for not
shoveling their sidewalks within 48 hours has no accountability whatsoever when
they just randomly skip a street.  I tried to give them the benefit of the
doubt but when 9pm rolled around I was beyond frustrated.  So I took to
social media and let everyone know what was going on. 
I could go on and
on about how City Government doesn’t work and there are too many loopholes and
red tape.  It should not take me taking to social media to get action.
 I appreciate my friends that helped and offered to help, especially City
Councilor Kate Toomey.  This was a big storm and I am sure the city needed
all hands on deck and then some.  But when several people call and are
inquiring about when their street is going to get plowed they should not be
ignored, luckily nothing happened and an emergency vehicle didn’t need to get
down my street.  Once again the city I live in let me down.

Needless to say, when we finally did get a plow down the street he did a wonderful job.  Even though he had some trouble getting up the road for obvious reasons, he did not plow anybody’s driveways in.  Thank you very much for that.  I am done with snow for this year.

If you don’t take
it from me, ask my wife.

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