Oh, Deval!

For those of you wondering what
Governor Deval Patrick is going to do when he leaves office in 2 years no need
to worry, given last week’s State of the State speech I can think of a few jobs
he has lined up for when he leaves.  Some I have heard people tell me, so
I can’t take complete credit.  One was Director of New Hampshire
Redevelopment Authority.  One was Governor of New Hampshire.  My
favorite was being an actor promoting New Hampshire.  Because that was the
effect that his speech had to lawmakers and constituents in Massachusetts,
 let’s move to New Hampshire.

Governor Patrick just doesn’t get it, just like everybody else in
the public sector.  When there is a problem with the budget and there is a
shortfall, they look at the wrong solution.  They immediately go back to
the coffers and ask for more money.  Then they go again, again and again.
 Given that the Federal government just celebrated raising our taxes,
Governor Patrick’s timing couldn’t be any worse.  That wasn’t even the
worst part of his plan.  Once again when the budget comes up short
lawmakers raise taxes on the people that have been “bailing” them out
all along.  Governor Patrick thinks he is doing us a favor by lowering the
sales tax.  The sales tax is the only thing that guarantees EVERYBODY pays
taxes, so let’s lower taxes on people who don’t pay income taxes and raise it
on the ones that do.  Then people don’t understand why there is money in
tax sheltered and off shore accounts.
I just don’t get how when lawmakers look at a budget and see they
are coming up short the first inclination is to raise taxes.  How about
looking at the budget and seeing why we are coming up short.   Governor
Patrick touts the growth we have had in Massachusetts while he has been
Governor.  Since then we have lost a seat in the U.S. Representatives,
why?  Because either people are leaving Massachusetts or they are not
coming. That’s why we have come up short.  So when you lose that income,
you don’t increase spending.  It’s that simple.  
The money that would be collected from this $2 billion tax hike
would go to expanding a rail service, providing schools for infants and
toddlers, raises for teachers and possibly bridge the gap in the state pension
fund.  Great!  Once again I am funding two retirements but only able
to collect one.  “The people we work for want the schools I have
described; they want the rail and road services we have laid out,” 
Governor Patrick said in his speech.  Well, I want a house in a
small Tuscan village.  That doesn’t mean I get it, and do you know why?
 I can’t afford it!  Yes Governor, people do want better rail
services, but as a Worcester resident I don’t need to pay so you can create a
rail from Fall River to Boston.
It’s the spending, it’s the spending,  it’s the spending.  If you didn’t hear me
I will say it again, it’s the spending.  Our lawmakers, both federal and
state feel that just throwing money at the problem solves it.  Wrong, it
compounds it.  Thomas Jefferson once said I predict future happiness for Americans
if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under
the pretense of taking care of them.”
  The problem with government spending is that it is
sold to you that it is directly going to help you.  I have found that in
the last 20 years, none of my taxes help me.  Everything I have “I
built it” and that goes for most middle class Americans.  There is
nothing I have gained from government spending, so it needs to be curtailed.
In closing I would
like to ask you to make your voices known that these tax hikes are not the
answer.  It’s a quid pro quo world we live in.  If they want to raise
my taxes, I want you to cut your spending, plain and simple.  Government
spending is out of control needs to be reined in. 
matters of style, swim with the current; In matters of principle, stand like a
 – Thomas Jefferson
If you don’t take it from me, ask my wife

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