3D Ramblings 12/23/2011

No crazy opening, no delays.  Right into my Ramblings of the last two weeks.  Today does mark the 123rd anniversary of Van Gogh cutting his ear off and giving it to a prostitute.  That is just some messed up stuff.

Casino Gaming in Massachusetts – If you thought Massachusetts politicians were corrupt before.  Well we haven’t seen anything yet.  These guys will be tripping over themselves to get a piece of the gaming pie.  I thought for sure that Barney Frank not seeking re-election would have led to him leading the Massachusetts Gaming Commission.  For those of you in Foxboro who are against Robert Kraft and Steve Wynn putting up a Casino across from Gillette, you were delivered a critical blow as one of the proponents of a Foxboro Casino was named Chairman of the gaming commission.  He also stated that he will not issue licenses to any bidder that doesn’t meet their standards.  That means to the bidder: “Show me the money”.

Barney Frank out – So Barney Frank decides he no longer wants to represent his district in Washington anymore.  He figures his damage has done enough to the American public.  Also, losing a piece of his district to the re-mapping of the districts probably took away his main sheep that followed his call.  Simply put, he knew he was a target and he knew could possibly get beat.

Side Jobs – So the state and the city have a difference in opinion when it comes to officials working in their offices, working other jobs on company time.  The State Auditor said that Register of Probate Official Paul Lacava was in the wrong when he would leave his office at the courthouse to teach classes at a couple of the area colleges.  The auditor was spot on in calling out Mr. Lacava and Registrar of Probate Steve Abraham.  The City of Worcester on the other hand sees it differently.  They see no issue that City Clerk David Rushford performing marriages at City Hall during working hours.  I don’t see an issue with that either, however, the issue I have is that Rushford gets to pocket the fee for the marriage.  I see this as worse than what Lacava did.  Not only is Rushford using his position at City Hall to do these services, he is using city time and facilities.  If he is going to pocket the fees then the city needs to tax him as a business, charge him rent for the use of city hall and dock him pay for the time of each service he is collecting a fee on.

Coach after my own heart – University of Cincinnati head basketball coach Mick Cronin after a brawl with cross town rival Xavier spoke out against his own players.  He did not defend a single one that was part of the melee.  At his press conference he did not speak of what type of suspensions he was going to hand out, he was talking about if he would have enough players to suit up for the next game.  That was awesome. He knew his players acted like thugs and he wasn’t going to have it.

Ochomatchmaking – Last week Chad Ochocinco once again took to Twitter to play match maker.  He tried to hook up an 18 year old boy and a 25 year old single mom.  It was a disaster.  I have a match for Chad.  Him and his playbook.

Debt Deal – Kids! Stop fighting or I will send you to your rooms.  It is actually painfully pathetic to watch what is going on in Washington.

Another Coach after my own heart – The University of Georgia football program was notified by the NCAA that head coach Mark Richt, violated NCAA rules when he, get this, paid his assistant coaches out of his own pocket because he felt they weren’t being paid enough and the university would not raise their salaries.  All I can say to that is, F* the NCAA.

Facebook Timeline – On December 28, Facebook will launch Timeline for everyone.  If you haven’t seen it yet, it looks pretty cool.  But to see everything you have done while being on Facebook re-appear is pretty eerie.  Mark Zuckerberg has become Big Brother, as George Orwell wrote “He, who controls the past, controls the future.”

Attack on Christianity – Why is it when we see people being arrested for religious actions, or decorations are being taken down they are of the Christian variety.  Why is attacking Christianity the cool thing to do?  How is it a “Christmas Tree” is offensive, but a Menorah at Newton Square gets to go up unbothered every year?  This country was founded on religious persecution, but reverse discrimination on Christianity is not only acceptable, but encouraged.

Take-Out – Last night we played an away game at Acton-Boxboro.  On the way home I ordered a pizza to pick up on the way home.  Is it me or do all take-out orders take 15 minutes to prepare?  No matter what time I call or what I order, it is always 15 minutes.  Just saying.

Merry Christmas – There! I said it!  I want to wish all the people that read my blog a Very Merry Christmas.  I truly appreciate your support.  As long as you keep reading, I will keep writing.  If you all tell me to stop, I won’t, but I want you to think you have a say.  Merry Christmas

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