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I took the week after Christmas off from writing because I have been extremely busy.  Who would have thought that being on vacation I would need to rest.  However, my last blog of the year is a chance for me to reflect on the year that past.  There were some great moments, some head scratching moments, some frustrating moments and some forgettable moments.  Of all the moments I really can’t say I wouldn’t change a thing because there are moments that are out of your control and quite simply you would change if you could.  Also, I would like to capture a “best of” list of things I found interesting over the past year.  I will close this out with my “Person of the Year”.  Rest assured people, it will not be the protester.
Things that I learned over the past year:
· The City of Worcester has bureaucracy down to a science and I can’t say it’s worse than any other town than the “Woo”.  We built a house this year and it covered every type of moment I listed above.  I have heard people that moved into a new house say “I’m never moving”.  Sorry folks I just one upped you.  Not only am I never moving again, they will have to get rid of me Occupy-Style.  In building a house there are regulations and ordinances that are required, which is fine, but have them accessible to people.  You telling me as you go just makes me think you are making it up as you go.  None of the agencies that you deal with when building a house talk to each other, and they are spread out all over the city.  God forbid if you left something off your application or specs, they will not tell you, until you have waited so long that you call in frustration.  This whole experience could take up my whole blog and may some day, just not today.
· I learned that ankle surgery is more invasive than I thought, even though I have been through two of them.
· When throwing business to a friend it is wise to make them understand that you are doing them a favor, not the other way around.  You may be getting a good price, which is why you went to them in the first place, but they need to do the job as if you were any other customer.
· I understand the news and meteorologists really amp up storms when they are coming through our area.  In some cases it is good that it wasn’t as bad as they say.  For instance, when Tropical Storm Irene came through Central Mass. the disappointment people had about the impact of the storm was overwhelming.  What did people want, their houses on the next block?  Just don’t get it.
· Here is another tidbit on weather from 2011.  After the record amount of snow we received early on the area went on to experience a Tornado, an earthquake, a Hurricane (it was a Tropical Storm when it finally touched), and then finally snow before Halloween.
· I also learned that I have been spelling Honey wrong all these years.  Watch Winnie the Pooh daily and you too will learn it is spelled Hunny.
 Here is my best of list for 2011.  Nothing major, just some things I found entertaining.
Best Facebook Status“I was wondering if Snap still had the power” – Courtesy of Michael Beaulieu.  It was completely random and out of nowhere
Best Sporting Event Any LevelBruins win the Stanley Cup.  It is kind of tough to go against that especially the run that Tim Thomas was on. However, on a personal level umpiring a baseball District game with Tantasqua Regional High School two days after that area was devastated by a tornado was a close second.  Those kids played for more than a District title that day.
Best Political Gaffe – There are lot to choose from but Rick Perry’s performance in presidential debate where he forgot to department of Energy of agencies to cut.  In his mind he had already cut them out.
Biggest Nuisance – Occupy Worcester.  The Occupy movement overall was a nuisance, but Worcester took the cake because it had the City Manager disagreeing with the Mayor on how they should be treated.
Best description of an NFL team – The Vikings’ pass defense has really gone from the Cover 2 to the Cover None. Courtesy of espn.com
Most unfortunate story – Prof Avery boycotting care packs for our soldiers
Most pathetic story – Washington. Enough said.
Worst prediction – The world coming to an end by Harold Camping. Twice.
Best What the?  A Foxboro Doctor opposed to the casino in that town saying he will treat sexually transmitted diseases if Foxboro gets a Casino.
People of the Year
Since Time Magazine used its influence to bring recognition to a group, so will I.  However, instead of giving the people of the year to a group of people that hate America, I am going opposite of that.  3D’s People of the year are The U.S. Navy SEALS.  On Monday May 2, 2011 they killed the man that most Americans wanted dead since September 11, 2001, Osama Bin Laden.  Besides the fact that these soldiers defend our nation thanklessly, the SEALS do the toughest of tasks that are asked of them.  They are the true people of the year.
Happy New Year everyone.  Thanks for reading and may I continue to entertain you in the coming year.
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