The death of John Bon Jovi

So on Tuesday long time rocker Jon Bon Jovi did his best Jesus impersonation by dying and returning from the dead.  He was more efficient however, he did it in one day.  Seriously, this thing came and went before I even noticed.  My wife told me about this morning and I had no idea.  So it got me thinking of why these tabloids bring death into their story lines.  Not that anybody cares that celebrity couples relationships are marred with infidelity.  People think those stories are true, and they are harmless.  Stories of reporting ones death is classless and stupid.

So some of the past death celebrity hoaxes that have been reported and their cause of death have been:

Charlie Sheen – Date of Death: Dec. 26, 2010, snowboarding accident.  Well, giving what the country had to go through during his “winning” crusade, maybe this was just wishful thinking.
Adam Sandler – Date of Death: Dec. 29, 2010, snowboarding accident.   Since the Charlie Sheen death hoax didn’t work the tabloids figured they could sneak Sandler by people for the same type of accident three days later.
Lindsay Lohan – Date of Death: July 13, 2010, overdose, although not surprising or out of the realm of possibility, maybe wishful thinking.  See Charlie Sheen.
Paris Hilton, stabbed in prison in 2007 – This just sounds like a bad porno movie
Will Smith – Date of Death: 2007 – 2009, car accident. The tabloids tried this 4 different times.  Wouldn’t you just quit when it didn’t work the first time.

Mayor Thomas Menino – Date of Death: April 1, 2005 – Anybody realize the date on this one.  However, this one had legs as famous shock jocks Opie and Anthony were fired for reporting this death on April Fool’s Day.  Ok, it was a joke, but in complete poor taste.

When Michael Jackson’s death was first reported I thought for sure it was a hoax.  I mean the man went from black to white, his death was begging to be under much speculation.  On the flip side of all the death hoaxes are the clowns that think people who think dead celebrities are still alive.  Elvis Presley, Jim Morrison, Tupac, Michael Jackson, Keith Richards and Andy Kaufmann are still dead.  Ok, Keith Richards is not dead, but shouldn’t he be?  The people who believe these celebrities are still alive are just as whacko. 

So with all these hoaxes it makes every report that I hear about a dead celebrity skeptical.  But at the end of the day, Abe Vigoda is still alive.

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