The Better Half

On October 20th Thinking In 3D will turn a year old.  When I
decided to write a blog I had to think of where my material would come from.
 Would it be news, would it be politics, pop culture, sports etc….
 I decided to write about everything, like most bloggers do.  I have
no hidden agenda and I will call it like I see it.  To be honest, it’s not
as easy as people think, however, one of my main inspirations for me to keep up
with this long is, not to sound corny, my wife.

There have
complete blogs that I have written that have been most my wife’s idea. Last
week, while we were in the car she said to me.  “Thanks for writing
my ideas”.  I looked at her with a quizzical look as if she was being
accusatory.  She calmed my look by saying “I could never arrange my
thoughts and put them together in an entertaining article like you do.  So
I thank you”  She truly was thanking me.
My wife and I talk
to each other a lot about everything, not just things around the house or how
to raise our children.  We are not completely aligned politically, which
makes some of our conversations interesting.  We are definitely aligned
fiscally and we are both in tune with our core family values.  We have
seen the great in people, and we have seen the worst in people.  We always
have conversations about it. 

This is just a snippet of our exchanges.  This actually happened Friday night when deciding what Chinese Take-Out to order
Me: What do want to do about Lo Mein?
Wife: Well, you like beef and I like chicken, so we’ll order pork?
My wife is
extremely bright, and some would say she is much smarter than I am, which in
most cases I concede to.  When I write these blog articles, or when I was
writing papers for my college course, she reads them first.  Partly for
spelling and grammar, but mostly for flow and substance.  She is the best
copy editor you can find, and she has no issue telling me I am wrong, off base
or to even shut up.  Ironically enough it was her asking a friend of mine
when we first met if I ever stopped talking which endeared me to her.
I have always been
a proponent of hearing both sides of the argument before you form an opinion,
my wife has the same credo.  That’s why we have both tuned out the
presidential elections until the debates, because the pundits don’t adhere to
that form of thinking.  That is why my wife and I work so well together,
we know how to reel each other back in, and it definitely helps me when I go to
write my blogs.  I am entering it with more than one perspective so I
don’t sound like Rush Limbaugh or Rachel Maddow.  
Everyone makes
sense in their own way, you just have to find that sense and understand it.
 If you don’t believe me, just ask my wife.
If you don’t take
it from me, ask my wife.

3 thoughts on “The Better Half

  • September 24, 2012 at 11:26 am

    These blogs are going to be great in the second forty.

    • September 24, 2012 at 11:29 am

      I am thinking of taking the crotchedy old man route…."we didn't have the fancy schmancy Internet when we were kids. We actually talked to other humans, and we liked it!!"

  • September 24, 2012 at 2:25 pm

    With a solvent government and low unemployment…


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