Really Deval?

It’s been a while since I have been able to post here.  It
took a racial claim from our clueless Governor to get my writing juices
flowing.  For those of you that don’t know, my wife gave birth to our
second daughter a few weeks back, and I had minor surgery on my back.  It
is also baseball season and as an umpire this is my busiest time.  But our
Governor made comments this past week that not only got me all riled up but was
borderline offensive.

I live in
Massachusetts and I have grown accustom to certain things.  Massachusetts
is the most liberal state in the union.  For God sake Robert F Kennedy’s
grandson is the favorite to win Barney Frank’s vacated seat just because his
name is Kennedy.  Massachusetts is also a nanny state, the government
knows best, it takes care of people that not only can’t take of themselves, but
have no desire to.  It bans products and practices like it was a high
school principal.  It all comes from the top in the Governor’s office.
 Sure, Massachusetts has always been like this, but Governor Deval Patrick
is extremely arrogant about his positions, taking his cues from the resident at
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
I’m not talking
about the Cadillac he decided to take on the taxpayer’s dime when he became
governor.  I’m not talking about the absurd amount it cost to decorate his
office and I am not talking about filling no-show positions that have been
vacant for years with six figure salaries.  He is a politician and this
type of stuff happens on both sides of the isle.  If you don’t believe
that then you are much more naive than you lead on.
All I have grown
to accept, what offended me this past week from Gov. Patrick was his remarks
regarding a growing sensitive issue in not just Massachusetts but the United
States.  It’s the issue of illegal immigration.  Over the past year
we have seen an illegal immigrant, or as Gov. Patrick likes to classify them,
undocumented citizen, kill his girlfriend and her son and then was able to flee
to his native Ecuador, where ironically he was convicted and now he can’t come
back to face the crime he committed before he left.  We have also seen an
illegal immigrant, while driving drunk, hit a man on his motorcycle and then
dragged him to his death.  So the tally is two illegal immigrants, two
murder/manslaughters and three deaths.
But when Gov.
Patrick was yet again asked about his opposition of the Secure Communities Act
he responded ““The actions of various states to take matters into
their own hands have been ham-fisted, self-defeating, and even racist,’’
I’m sorry, what???
 Asking our elected leaders and local law enforcement is racist?  Is
he serious?  I understand that the Governor doesn’t want to be the elected
official that actually does his job other than taxing the rich to give to the
poor.  But to criticize the officials that risk their lives on border of
the United States combatting these criminals and call them racist, shame on you
Gov. Patrick.
Governor Patrick
took it a step further by saying “The public discourse about immigration is as
toxic today as McCarthyism or Jim Crow were in their time,……..Now, like
then, the debate seems to be based more on emotion than reason, more on slogan
than fact.’’
Did the Governor
just compare me to an anti-Communist and a Separatist???  Did he also say
I don’t understand the facts?  As a Naturalized Citizen who threw away his
“Green Card” for a U.S. Passport, I understand the facts much better
than the Governor and the fact is the Governor is absolutely clueless when it
comes to this.  It’s not just the Governor that is obtuse to this issue
but state Attorney General Martha Coakley during her U.S. Senate bid when asked
about this issue said “it’s not illegal to be illegal”.
Instead of bothering
to come up with a solution the Governor decided to insult the people that
oppose his view on the topic and deflect his inability to face the victims of
crimes done by “new Americans”.  As an immigrant of Italy I
don’t resent the F.B.I. for carrying out RICO investigations. 
So my message to
Governor Patrick is this.  Mr. Patrick, you don’t know me and have never
met me but I am NOT a racist.  I just want a level playing field.
 You think a level playing field is taxing people that had worked hard for
their money and giving it to someone who has no desire to work.  You also
want to reward these “Undocumented Citizens” with entitlements that
not all Massachusetts residents qualify for.  
So before you
judge me, learn who I am first.  You pre-judged me, I am much better than

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