People are really fans of Jersey Shore?

So I was bored.  I needed something to write about.  So what do I do?  I watched the last two episodes of Jersey Shore in Italy.  This was worse than a train wreck, you just can’t make this stuff up.  I am trying to figure out the popularity of this show, unfortunately I don’t see it.  For the ladies, is it because the guys are attractive and fit, the girls are fashionable, they are always going out dancing?  For the guys, is it?….or?…..Apparently it’s not the intelligence of the characters.  I literally felt dumber after watching that show.  I may hold the citizens of New Jersey accountable for letting MTV call the show “Jersey Shore”.
I don’t even know where to begin with this.  The two episodes that I saw were the season finale and the reunion episode.  So I guess I will start with the last regular episode.  I’m glad that I wasn’t privy to the “drama” that went on in the house during the previous episodes, so I was a little lost as what was going on, but it wasn’t hard to catch up. So, the crew is in their final days in Italy and there is sentiment that Mike “The Situation” is either not going to go back to Jersey or wouldn’t be welcomed back.  All this because the roommates felt that he was being too much of an ass.  Really?  I really couldn’t tell the difference between them being normal or them being an ass.  There had been tension in the house all season with Mike.  He apparently had “hooked up” with “Snookie” jeopardizing her relationship with her boyfriend.  Good Lord.  He became distant and began to try to grab attention by stating he wasn’t going back to the Jersey Shore.  Nobody bought into it and he stated at the end of the show that he was going to return to Jersey.  I hate to break it to you Mike, you lose your meal ticket when you leave the show.  Without the show you are just another jug head.

What boggled my mind was they were in Florence and they waited until the last day in the city to go sightseeing.  I have been to Florence a couple of times and spent 5 great days there on my honeymoon.  I can’t wait to go back because the city is fabulous and full of culture.  How can these clowns claim to be Italian and not respect a city like Florence.  I am revoking their Italian cards because they don’t deserve them.  When being shown one of the statues of David done by Michelangelo, you’ve heard of him, right?  All the girls could say was “I’d do him”.  Anyway, I can obviously see that these people do not appreciate the finer things in life.  The fact that they got lost going home from a club that they most likely frequented all season long, just shows their mental capacity is that of a 12 year old.  They would leave Italy and season was over.

Watching the reunion episode gave me a headache.  The one redeeming thing was that the host Amy Paffrath would make fun of the cast when they said stupid things, which was quite often.  So some of things I missed during the season were:

  • “Meatball Problems” – when Snookie and Deena would do something stupid they would call it a Meatball Problem.  The frequency and the stupidity of these “problems” doesn’t make them Meatball problems.  You may need to get yourselves tested for much bigger problems.
  • Geography – Snookie answered a question from Paffrath of what she liked most about Italy with “The Geography”.  Please see previous observation.
  • The Fight – This is by far my favorite.  So Ron and Mike get into a heated argument that leads to them challenging each other to a physical confrontation.  To get himself amped up, Mike rammed his head into a cement wall and knocked himself out giving himself a concussion.  That is great stuff.  I don’t even have a joke there.

I am mad at myself by getting sucked into this and forcing myself to write about.  For those of you that love the show, you have some Meatball Problems.  Rest assured people you can bet on me never watching this show ever again.  If you have never watched it, please don’t

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