3D Ramblings 11/18/2011

So much has happened
over the last two weeks and cutting my list down to 10 was difficult.  I said my peace of the Penn State Scandal and
I will say no more.  That story disgusts
me on so many levels that I don’t want to even think about.  One storyline that is missing on this list is
about the Suffolk Law professor against sending care packs to our troops.  He gets his own blog, coming Monday.   This weeks 3D Ramblings:
  • Andy Rooney Dies – Love him
    or hate him the man was a media icon. 
    He was very opinionated and somewhat controversial.  If the setting that he reported from on
    60 Minutes was his actual office, then he needed a maid as well.  He gave his opinion without any worry to
    who would come at him for it.  He
    came across as a grumpy old man in some respects, but that was just who he
    was .  He will be missed and 60
    Minutes should do the right thing and not replace his piece on the
    show.  Many even some air of silence
    for a while.
  • European Economic Crisis –
    It’s funny to think that three years ago during his Presidential campaign
    and his tour of Europe, as a candidate, President Obama told Americans
    that the U.S. needed to be a lot more like Europe.  I find it odd that we have not seen any
    snippets of those comments given recent events in Europe.  Europe has been a mess for a long time,
    as is the case with any socialist countries.  They will eventually run out of other
    peoples money leading to default and near economic collapse.  Sorry Barry, stick to things you know
    like organizing community actions.
  • Occuriots – Ok ok, I have not
    normally paid any mind to these people and the fact that they continue to
    be covered by the media irritates me. 
    Can the media please stop referring to these people as Occupy
    “residents”?  I’m sorry,
    residents pay taxes and it is quite obvious they are part of the 54%, you
    know the 54% of the population that doesn’t pay taxes.  These have not become peaceful
    anymore.  What we have seen in
    Oakland and Atlanta are not covered by the 1st amendment.  I blame the local leaders for allowing
    these people to gain steam and not squash it from the beginning.  They have the right to protest.  They do not have the right to trespass,
    litter, destroy and defile property, and sell drugs.  Unfortunately the local leaders have
    painted themselves into a corner and this not going to end well on all
    fronts.  BTW, I saw my first
    “Save Tibet” sign at Occupy Portland.  I was wondering where those clowns have
    been hiding.
  • Wrongfully accused – I saw on
    the news a week back that man was charged with assault after drawing a gun
    on someone and then beating him. 
    What’s wrong with that you ask? 
    The being charged was protecting his property when he caught a the
    “victim” breaking into his work truck and stealing items from
    it.  So if all the occuidiots are
    complaining about their 1st amendment rights being violated, this guy’s
    2nd amendment rights are able to get trampled.  So basically we are allowed to bear
    arms, just not use them.  Why is
    this man not able to protect his property? 
    His livelihood was being jeopardized and he is being punished for
    protecting those interests.  Please
    call me to this jury, it would be the first time I would be happy to serve.
  • Wal-Mart and other stores –
    Black Thursday? – Ok Family Values and traditions continue to get trampled
    on during the holiday season.  Black
    Friday used to be the worst for me when I worked at a mall in high school.  People would show up right when the mall
    open at 10 am, that’s fine, those were the store hours.  But then the big box stores needed to
    push the hours back to 5am, that’s fine, it’s your business open at what
    time you want and then a few years ago stores started opening up at
    midnight of Thanksgiving.  Ok, a
    little crazy and disrespectful to your employees, but fine.  NOW, Wal-Mart announces it is going to
    better that, they are opening up at 10pm on Thanksgiving night and
    Toys-r-us follows up saying they will open at 9.  This is getting a little out of control
    and can we please let one holiday end before we start prepping for the
    next…No wonder I am a Grinch at Christmas time.
  • Carrier Classic – If you
    watched the game between North Carolina and Michigan State on the flight
    deck of the USS Carl Vinson I’m sure you will agree with this description
    for the people that didn’t. 
  • Lt. Governor Accident – Ok
    this is old news and maybe under reported. 
    Something just doesn’t smell right with the Lt. Gov. Murray’s early
    morning accident a few weeks back. 
    He was heading towards Worcester at 5:30am.  He claimed he went out to get a coffee
    an paper and view snowstorm damage. 
    It was dark out, and he had no paper or coffee.  I am not saying there is malice
    involved, but something just isn’t right with this story and I am having a
    hard time letting it go.
  • Herman and Gloria Cain – I
    think Herman Cain is a nice guy but he is starting to show he is in way
    over his head with his Presidential candidacy.  The accusations of sexual harassment
    haven’t helped his cause and I am more apt to believe the first three
    silent accusers rather than the one that was tranced out by Attorney of
    the Mistresses Gloria Allred.  I’m
    not saying these accusations didn’t happen, but I have not seen anything
    that they had.  For the liberal base
    that are attacking Gloria Cain for standing by her man, people in glass
    houses shouldn’t throw stones (i.e.. Secretary of State Clinton).
  • All State Commercial Guy –
    Those Mayhem is everywhere commercials crack me up.  If they came up with a sitcom of just 10
    commercials each week like that, I would watch.  It is definitely must see TV
  • Worcester’s ever changing
    political landscape – I hope you didn’t think I was serious with the lead
    in because I was laying on the sarcasm pretty think.  Although we did get two new faces onto
    the council and one was because the incumbent decided not to run.  I just don’t get the voters in this
    city.  People complain about the
    high taxes, the gloominess of the city, why do they have to pay for trash
    bags, why is dealing with city agencies so difficult…why, why, why.  I pose a question to the
    complainers.  Why do you keep
    sending the same boobs back to city hall? 
    It is the blind leading the blind down there and it is not going to
    change if the same people continue to stay there.  Worcester’s major problem is that it
    can’t get out of its own way and that starts with the city council.  We are a nation of wanting more but
    settling for less.  That needs to
    change and people need to take action and get some new people in local,
    state and federal positions.  So get
    out and support the Bill Coleman’s, Bill McCarthy’s and Steve Buchalter’s
    and maybe we will get the change we need.
Rambling Right Atcha

Rambling Right Atcha

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