Getting What We Voted For

I owe Senator Elizabeth Warren an apology.  When she was
elected and had her god awful first press conference I thought her tenure as
Massachusetts Junior Senator (at the time) was going to be a disaster.
 She couldn’t even get through a basic congratulatory press conference
without looking over to Governor Deval Patrick for cues.  To be honest it wasn’t
shocking to me, but it was what the people wanted and I had to accept that.
 Since then, I really haven’t heard much from Sen. Warren, other than her
call for a $22 minimum wage, but that isn’t a bad thing.  She was
supportive after the Marathon Bombings and she has been voting mostly along
party lines.  Not what I really want in my senator but it is what it is.
Now that she is (gulp) the senior Senator
I must say that although her votes may or may not be her true voice, she is at
least voting, unlike our newly elected junior Senator.  I hate to say it
people but this guy is going to be a disaster.  In his first real vote on
Capitol Hill, in a committee nonetheless, Senator Ed Markey, a member on the
Senate Foreign Relations Committee, voted “present” on giving
President Barack Obama limited authority to attack Syria with our military.
First off, the fact any elected official
is allowed to vote “present” on anything is insulting to every voter’s
intelligence.  It tells me one of a few things.  One, you were there
and not paying attention. Two, you are waiting for someone else to tell you how
to vote, and three that you have no clue and are truly in way over your head.
I am not going to speculate on what his
reasons were but wouldn’t a vote of this magnitude bring forward the thirty
eight years of experience he touted in the special election?  Shouldn’t he
have taken charge and proved the leadership that he ran on as well?  This
is what happens when a politician is conflicted with his personal views and
towing the party line.  I wasn’t looking for a “Yay” vote or a
“Nay” vote; I was just looking for “A” vote.  Even extreme
liberal U.S. Congressman Jim McGovern, who normally votes among party lines, is
reportedly asking President Obama to not use military action in Syria.
 That’s because he is anti-war, that’s what the people of his district
have elected to do, vote, not just show up.  A trained monkey can do that.
So, Senator Warren I publicly apologize to
you.  Your tenure as a Massachusetts Senator won’t be the worst disaster,
as I had thought.  It appears you are the only senatorial vote/voice the
Commonwealth has.  Senator Markey is doing what the citizens of
Massachusetts elected him to do, he’s just showing up.

If you don’t take it from me, ask my wife

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