A Long Overdue Rambling

For those of you reading my blog for the first time on
telegram.com this article is a piece I call 3D’s Ramblings.  It’s my quick
take of some recent news stories.  It’s fun and thought provoking.
 You may not agree with some of my points of view, and that’s ok.  I
have it done it in a while so I will get rambling on now.
All I want is a
– an Irish man in Boston on vacation was arrested in the North End on
Sept. 12 for holding up a North End bakery at knife point, for a cannoli.
 Now, I don’t know how versed this man is in Boston’s landscape or
history, but the North End is not a place to cause trouble.  The residents
there always have each other’s back, dating back to the 18th Century.
Things that make
you go hmmmm
, – A Manchester NH, was arrested twice in one day.  He was
arrested in the morning of August 23 for criminal trespassing and receiving
stolen property.  Thirty minutes after posting bail he was arrested again
for passing a forged check at a bank.  Andy Dufresne was right, he needs
to find a better line of work, because being a criminal is definitely not in
his best interests.  You just can’t fix stupid.
1st Presidential
– It is very clear that Mitt Romney outperformed the President in this
debate.  I am quite certain that the President will be better when the two
hookup again tomorrow night in New York.  However, the backlash that has
come out is staggering.  The media and the Obama campaign screaming that
Romney lied.  This was a debate, if you thought he lied, speak up.
 If you don’t say anything you validate his points.  Blame it on
altitude, blame it on the moderator, blame on whatever.  The President
wasn’t ready and it showed, you should expect more out of your leader.
 Just saying.
Voter ID – I am a
big proponent of Voter ID.  During elections in Worcester I no longer
offer to give people rides to the polls that can’t get there.  I just tell
them I will happily go to the polls on their behalf and vote for them.
 Nobody sees anything wrong with that?  It’s an easy fix, but you
can’t fix a process that can easily be corrupted by the beneficiaries.
Annie Dookhan
WOW!  Many people asleep at the wheel on this one.  This will cost
millions and this mess won’t be cleared for years.  WOW!
Libya –  What
happened in Benghazi on September 11 was very tragic.  What has happened
since then has been appalling.  The fact that the truth has been deflected
by the administration is problematic.  This was a colossal mistake and
should be admitted as such.  Requests were ignored for more security and
our relationship in the Middle East was miscalculated.  But the fact that
the Stephanie Cutter and Debbie Wasserman Schulz are claiming that this is only
an issue because of the Romney/Ryan camp is insulting.  It’s issue because
4 Americans were killed when they could possibly have been protected.  As
Harry Truman said “The Buck Stops Here”.  Not in this
administration.  It stops somewhere else
Vote for Obama and
you’re fired?
– The media reported last week that a business owner in Florida
wrote a letter to his employees that if they voted for Obama they would be
fired.  Well of course that was reported incorrectly.  If you read
the letter you will see that he never
threatened anybody’s job.  He simply stated that given proposal and plans
presented by the President if he were to be re-elected, he would have to
rethink his situation as a business owner.  He simply said he would close
up shop and retire, because he would rather do that than pay extensive taxes
that would make it hard for him to stay open.  Just something to think
VP Debate – If you
watched the Vice Presidential Debate it was easy for either side to say that
they won.  It was a good debate.  Personally I would have called it a
push.  Behind all the laughing, smiling, rude interrupting, and
condescending tone that Vice President Biden had, there wasn’t much substance
in what he said and the fact that he stated that nobody knew that the embassy
in Benghazi wanted more security the same day the State Department said that
they did ask and were denied just shows how much is being deflected here.
 But overall it was a tie, Rep. Ryan was good but not great and should buy
a suit that fits.
Things that make
you go hmmmm #2
– Last week a Boston man was arrested in Los Angeles because he
was stopped at customs for carrying an arsenal of weapons with him, coming from
Japan.  What detected the authorities to him? He was wearing a bullet
proof vest and flame retardant pants.  If that doesn’t scream attention, I
don’t know what does.  His defense was that in Japan that was the style
they were wearing.  I don’t even have a joke hear.  People are just
crazy.  I am glad they caught this guy. What a cynical world we live in.
Legend passes
College Football fans lost a great man this week in the passing of Beano Cook.
 Known for his crazy analysis of football Cook had one of the great advice
giving quotes of all time.  “You only have to be 100% on two things
in life, flying and heart transplants.  The rest you can go 4 of 5
5 Years and
– This weekend my wife and I celebrated 5 years of wedding bliss.
 I love her just as much today as I did 5 years ago, if not more.
 Plus, my mother always said to me if I ever found someone to put up with
my “stuff” to not let go.  I have two things working for me in
that regard.  Happy Anniversary.
3D signing out!
If you don’t take
it from me, ask my wife.

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