Violent Friday

Thanksgiving!  A
time to be thankful for all the good things that have happened to you during
the past year.  The time to get together with family and eat a giant
cooked bird that you normally don’t eat unless it is Thanksgiving.  A time
to sit and watch your local high school play its rival in football then fall
asleep in front of the three pro football games on TV that day. It is also a
time to beat up a fellow patron at your local Wal-Mart at 3:00 am to get that
last PlayStation that will most likely be available again in a day or two.
 What a great holiday.
So the last comment
truly isn’t what Thanksgiving is about, at least I hope not for you.  I
just don’t get the madness that comes with all this.  Luckily in
Massachusetts the stores aren’t allowed to open Thanksgiving, but opening up at
midnight doesn’t make it any better.  If you are on social media and
noticed people chiding Wal-Mart for opening on Thanksgiving and making their
employees work the holiday.  The same people applauded Sam’s Club for not
opening, so I guess it’s a wash for the Wal-Mart Corporation.  
If people want to be
away from their families, or wake up at some un-Godly hour in the name of
savings, who am I to judge.  I choose not to do it and I am still able to
complete my Christmas shopping within my budget.  That’s just me I guess.
 But do these things need to resort to violence that was reported on the
news?  Now these stores are forcing local authorities to beef up their
staffs during these times because people don’t know how to behave themselves
According to a website
mocking this tradition called, there have been
seven deaths and ninety injuries related to Black Friday since 2006.  One of the
deaths was this past Friday when a teen driving home from shopping fell asleep
at the wheel.  That is definitely a tragic ending to a perfect holiday.
 Four passengers were also hurt in that crash.
  • In Rialto, California a police officer was sent to the
    hospital with a broken wrist when he was trying to break up one of three
    fights at a Wal-Mart that police responded too.
  • At a Walmart in Claypool Hill, Va. a man allegedly
    threatened another man with a firearm and then cut that man’s arm with a
    knife “down to the bone,” according to reports.  This man
    felt the need to bring a gun AND a knife to Black Friday shopping. 
In Philadelphia two
couples got it a brawl at the mall, over god knows what, that had to be subdued
by a stun gun.
Like I stated earlier I
am not going to judge people that do this, it’s just not for me.  I do
find it funny that people complain about the lack of sleep and the craziness
that goes on at these things.  To be honest I don’t need to go Black
Friday shopping, I get a blow by blow recap on social media of all the events.
 I read them as I drink my morning coffee.
As we go into the
Christmas Shopping season please be careful and if getting that last X Box One
means having to fight for it, just let it go and move on.

If you don’t take it
from me, ask my wife.

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