The Baseball Widow’s 2016 Oscar’s List

The Baseball Widow has decided to contribute to the blogosphere for the Oscars this year.  I wouldn’t get used to it because she hates this type of stuff.  I don’t understand why, she’s pretty good at it.  This is what I got when I asked her to provide me her list.


Brooklyn – I loved this movie.  It was a wholesome coming of age story that Hollywood just doesn’t produce enough of anymore.  I’m so happy it was nominated otherwise, I would have missed out.

The Revenant – captivating to the end.  I wanted to be in every scene looking beyond what they were showing us, seeing what was coming from behind a tree or up the river.   Outstanding all around  And Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu is my new favorite director.

The Big Short  – This is one of the better movies I’ve seen related to the greed on Wall Street.  The characters were eccentric and money hungry but not so detestable as what we’ve seen in Wolf of Wall Street or Boiler Room.  Steve Carrell got the completely slighted with no nod for his role, he was outstanding in a movie full of great acting.  His performance was a breakout for him and leaps above the rest in the film.  If I had a gold statute to give I’d send it to him.

Room –  This movie was intense the acting was phenomenal and Jacob Tremblay got the shaft, he was excellent at every turn.

Bridge of Spies –  A very interesting true story about someone not afraid to stand up for what they believe in.  I don’t agree it was only nominated because Tom Hanks was in it, he was great but the story was so fascinating.

Spotlight – Excellent cast of characters.  Agree it was a bit repetitive at times.  It was difficult to tell the story behind breaking one of the biggest news stories of our generation.  A lot of the movie felt like things we already knew.  It was interesting to see how things developed for this group of journalists and really interesting and disturbing to see how far of a reach the Catholic Church has especially in a city like Boston.

The Martian – This was a fun movie, terrifying at times but for the most part fairly light hearted for a movie about a man who was pretty much thought to be dead and left behind on Mars by his crew.  Matt Damon manages to get more than a few laughs as he’s stranded in space.  A good performance and an ok movie, not sure it deserved the nomination

Mad Max: Fury Road – Expect nothing and you can enjoy this film.  Hardy was excellent and Charlize rarely disappoints.  Over all just a post-apocalyptic movie that didn’t deserve the nod

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