Thanks a Lot Al

As we hunker down for Hurricane, Tropical Storm, or whatever Sandy
is the major concern in this area is power outages.  To be quite honest,
for me, it’s the 70 ft. tree outside my house.  I would perfectly ok with
Sandy turning out to be a dud, actually it would be much appreciated, I
Last week Newsweek
announced that they will be ceasing print publication at the end of the year.
It is truly starting to mark the beginning of the end of the end of an era due
to the rise of the internet.  Soon, be able to purchase any type of print
media will be like getting a VHS movie or an album on cassette.  It will
go the way of the dinosaur.  But is that a good thing?  I guess that
depends on who you ask.
I am reminded of a
conversation that I, my wife and my friends had on a long trip to Pennsylvania
a couple of years ago.  My friend said that “Google puts an end to
every argument”.  He was 100% right, but it’s not only that.
 It’s the portability and the accessibility of the internet which is
making publications like Newsweek become extinct.  The younger
generation’s position would be to let it die, all they need is their iPhone or
their iPad.  But think about the jobs that will be lost with the ceasing
of print media.  The press operators, advertising artists, and the
delivery drivers.  Let’s not for the convenience stores and newsstands
that sell these publications as well, it certainly will have its downward
spiral.  But it is the sign of the times.
So this brings me
to another point, which is the attachment to the portable devices.  Owning
a smartphone nowadays is like owning a pair of underwear, almost everyone has
one, and if someone doesn’t, there is something certainly wrong with them.
 Not only does the portability of the internet end every argument, it also
prevents conversations.  I was at a party once and at one point everyone
at my table was buried into their smart phones and not engaging in
conversation.  I made it a point to ask everyone to put their phones away,
I was ignored.
The print media
has been dying for years because it was too arrogant with the birth of the
internet.  Now it’s on life support and it is looking to get put out of
its misery.  To be honest, it didn’t and still doesn’t have to be that
way.  Print media just needs to charge the same for their internet content
as they do for their print content.  That will send shivers down the
Generation Xers’, actually paying for news?  What a crazy notion!
The advantage that
the internet had over print was that most of its content was free, but watch
out people, it will not stay like that for long.  Analysts will look at
this and try to profit, mark my word.  Just like all the
“unlimited” data plans for smartphones.  You would think adding
people would bring pricing down and accessibility up, nope, just the opposite.
My point
throughout all this rambling is this.  Let’s not celebrate the death of
print media because when the lights go out and there is no power, you would
probably wish you had a book to read.  You may have a library on your
iPad, but it won’t do you any good when you can’t access it.  My plan if
the power goes out. Light a wood fire and sit with my family and read books.
If you don’t take
it from me, ask my wife.

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