Rambling On!

I have
not done a rambling in a while, although some of you think I ramble on more
than enough.  This week has been a prime opportunity for me to do a
“Rambling” because my head would explode trying to figure out which
story to write about.
Pregnant Mom Drives Minivan with Children into Atlantic
.  This story gave me
chills as I wrote the lead in.  A Daytona mom, who witnesses said was
acting odd, drove her minivan, with her children inside, into the Atlantic
Ocean.  Thankfully many people nearby sprang into action to stop
this and everyone inside the van were saved. The children were put into state
custody and local police were still trying to figure out if they had anything
to charge the mom with. Hmmm, let me take a crack at it. Child endangerment,
attempted murder, reckless driving, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon
(car or ocean), not staying within the driving lanes.  Maybe they’re
right, there may not be anything there.
Up skirting is Legal in the Commonwealth  Man! The Baseball Widow was all worked up about this
one and deservedly so.  The Massachusetts SJC ruled yesterday that
photographing up a woman’s skirt (up skirting) is not illegal. The
decision states that a woman on the MBTA wearing a skirt, dress, or the like
covering these parts of her body is not a person who is ‘partially nude.’ The
lawyer for the accused was quoted as saying “If a clothed person
reveals a body part whether it was intentional or unintentional, he or she
cannot expect privacy,”.  Well SJC, you just empowered every woman who
rides the “T” to lay the smack down on someone who is up skirting.
 Then the perverts are now the victims.  Well played.  Luckily our elected leaders passed a a common sense law that our judicial legislators could not uphold.
NJ Teen sues parents for support after running away The fact that this got in front of a judge is mind
boggling.  Luckily the judge rejected this plea.  Maybe I am old
fashioned, but if I ever disrespected my parents, the way this girl did, I
would not have to worry about suing them.  I am in my 40’s and I still
don’t disrespect my parents like this.  What a joke, and the fact that
another parent encouraged and bank rolled this case is even more staggering.
 I hope your daughter does to you what this girl is doing to her parents.
Licenses for Illegal Immigrants My argument on this one is not solely on Immigration
Reform.  Although, that is the underlying issue here.  The fact that
we are giving a group that is described as illegal anything is troubling to me.
 The true issue I have with this is the selling point of “safety”.
  If this is truly about safety then why has there been no legislation
about the RMV re-instating licenses to multiple drunk driving offenders, or the
fact that drivers over 65 mistakenly hit the gas instead of the brake and they
don’t have to be re-tested. Why is it just this law that they are promoting
“safety” on?   Makes you wonder.
Justice for the Pelletier Family This story is sad and it gets sadder by the day.
 The fact that Boston Children’s Hospital has the power to do that, scares
me.  So much for getting 2nd opinions and if you like your Health Care you
can keep it.  This story would not have made the news had this girl’s
condition improved, it got worse.  Not only that, the hospital and DCF are
ignoring daily mental exercises that Justina needs because of her short term
memory loss.  Where is the investigation on this type of child abuse?
Good Experience I have used this blog to talk about terrible customer
experiences (GM, The Children’s Place and Rotmans).  I just want to take
time to talk about a good experience I had recently with Keurig and Green
Mountain Coffee. After 6 and half years and almost 5,000 cups of coffee
our Keurig system kicked the bucket. I called Green Mountain to cancel my
recurring order, they asked why and I told them that the Keurig died and we
weren’t thinking of getting a new one. They fixed that problem, they sent us a
new Keurig system, no other questions asked.  I wasn’t expecting that and
I wasn’t looking for that.  We were just looking to move on and they
persuaded us to stay.
In closing I want to give a shout out to the Holy Name Lady Naps.
 Our team has advanced to the District Final this Saturday at 6pm at WPI
against a very good Westford Academy team.  I am one of the many proud
coaches you have.  
Also don’t forget to spring your clocks forward and hit the
parade on Sunday.  The Baseball Widow will be participating in the 5K.
 I will be there to cheer her on.
If you don’t take it from me, ask my wife

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