No! It’s not OK!

So I wake up this morning to see that a Comedienne Kathy Griffin was trending on Twitter.  I couldn’t imagine why because I never really thought she was funny, and then she proved me right.  The picture of Griffin holding a bloodied mask of President Trump as if she had just decapitated him is disturbing to say the least.  Is this the new normal in American society?

Presidents being burned in effigy or portrayed as targets are not new and they won’t end.  As I skimmed through social media the left reminded all of us that President Obama was treated similarly. But was he?

In context and public actions by citizens, yes, absolutely, and those were just as grotesque.  But did a celebrity ever do such a heinous act?  The closest thing I could find was Ted Nugent running his mouth at a concert.  Equally disturbing and not to be dismissed.  That was the only celebrity I could find.

This is not ok!  In a time where we have seen American citizens have their loved ones killed in the same manner that Griffin joked about is not only disrespecctful to the President, but disrespectful to the people who lost their loved ones in the same manner.  We didn’t joke about it then and we don’t joke about it now.  I don’t care what you think of the President.

Where did we go wrong?  Why is this a national debate?  The way I see it there is no right or wrong to this debate, just wrong.  If you find this type of behavior acceptable, there is nothing I can say to change your mind.

We have found ourselves comparing people we don’t agree with to the most vicious people that have walked the face of the earth.  Not because they have committed an atrocious act, but because they prefer Chocolate Chip cookies to Oreo’s.

I am not a fan of President Trump, I didn’t vote for him.  But there is a respect to the office that needs to be accepted. 

Luckily, the mainstream media has condemned Griffin’s act and she has since apologized.  She now waits the verdict in the court of public opinion.

Several months back I wrote a blog about how the country has lost their mind over politics.  Something tells me that I will be revisiting that topic again over the next several years.  C’Mon people we are so much better than this.

P.S. – Kathy Griffin, I hope you desire for attention and another 15 minutes were well worth it


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