Nick’s Christmas Movie Survey Results

Nick's Christmas Movie Survey Results

So I trying something different buy getting opinions on things that matter and affect my life.  So setting up with the start of the Christmas season I decided to keep the Survey festive. Below are the results with a little commentary, like that surprises you.

When do you start watching Christmas/Holiday Movies? (28 Responses)

After Halloween                    3

After Thanksgiving               22

All year long Baby!               1

Other                                       2

Nick’s Take: This sounds about right.  The two others were “Christmas Evening”, which is a good one but falls into the After Thanksgiving category.  “Die Hard can be watched all year long”. Correct that’s why it’s NOT A CHRISTMAS MOVIE

How much time do you watch Hallmark Christmas movies? (28 Responses)

All Day Everyday                                              0

Only on the weekends                                     4

1 or 2 movies                                                     6

I thought they made greeting cards             13

Other (please specify)                                     5

Nick’s Take: I’m calling shenanigans.  I believe everyone has seen at least one Hallmark movie, even if by mistake.  It happens. We move on.

What is your top Christmas Movie? (28 Responses)

It's a Wonderful Life                                       8

Miracle on 34th St                                           3

White Christmas                                              3

A Christmas Story                                            1

Christmas Vacation                                         7

Elf                                                                       4

Other (please specify)                                     3

Nick’s Take: I’m a Christmas Vacation guy, because some people just want to see the world burn.  A Charlie Brown Christmas was a submitted answer.  I always thought of it as a TV special, but cool, I like it. Die Hard was suggested, a) No. b) it has its own question.

Is Die Hard a Christmas Movie? (28 Responses)

Yippe Ki Yay (Yes)               13

Nah(katomi)                         15

Nick’s Take: A little too close for my liking but Die Hard is not a Christmas movie.  Sorry, I don’t buy it and as someone commented above, “you can watch it all year long” thus proving the point.

Is Gremlins a Christmas Movie? (27 Responses)

Mogwai (Yes)               9

No                                   18

Nick’s Take: I agree with this.  But it should have been the same result as the previous question.  So if you voted yes for Die Hard and no for Gremlins you are just wrong.  Die Hard happens on Christmas which has always been the argument or that John McLean says “Ho, Ho, Ho”.  Well, the damn monsters go out caroling, doesn’t that count for something?

Thanks for taking the survey.  If you liked this one take this one HERE

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