It’s Good to be Humbled Once in a While

Some people who know me, and read this blog,
think I need a good dose of Humble Pie every once in a while.  To all of
you that think that, I couldn’t agree more.  It’s good for the soul.
 The other day on this very blog I blasted Rotmans Furniture for their lack
of communication in a recent delivery debacle.  I just want to give
everyone an update of the past few days.
Since my article ran on Thursday Rotmans has
called my house about a half dozen times for various reasons and it was all
pleasant. They also initiated a dialogue and asked for my feedback of how they
can improve things.  The bed did arrive on Thursday afternoon and my
daughter was so excited that she immediately began to organize her room the
moment the delivery men left.  She loves her new bed.
Now it’s easy to say I am changing my tune, or
flip flopping, I’m not.  I am still disappointed over what happened.
 But as one of comments read on my blog “Cheer up…this will
pass”.  I want to tell you what else happened with Rotmans yesterday
that did not really have to.  
Last night our family was split up because I was
coaching, my wife attended her aunt’s 60 Birthday party and the kids were with
my parents.  This morning as I went out to get my paper I noticed a box on
my front doorstep and it was addressed to my daughters.  I brought it in
the house and saw that it was from Vermont Teddy Bear Company.  We
immediately thought it was my oldest daughter’s godmother or my brother’s wife,
because both of them rock like that (I hope they are reading this).  My
wife opens the box and there were two bears in dresses.  I rummaged
through the box and found a card that said this.
“We hope you enjoy cuddling with your teddy
bears in your new bed! (Special thanks to Mom & Dad for shopping at
Rotmans.  We are truly sorry for the delay in delivering your purchase) –
Wow! I am floored.  I felt I immediately
needed to write this.  This was way beyond what I expected or even wanted,
but my wife and I are grateful.  I look at it this way.  I never told
Rotmans my daughters’ names, they must gotten it from my blog site.  They
also got bears for BOTH my daughters.  My youngest has no idea what had
happened.  There was also a gift card for my wife and I, which we truly
appreciate as well.  That is way too much and I am humbled by this act and
I want to thank the team at Rotmans for it.
Before I sign off I want to thank these people
who deserve it:
The Delivery Manager – I think his name is Ken.  Although we never spoke you
worked hard to get things moving
Britney in the delivery department – You took the brunt of my wrath and never got angry with
me.  Thank you
John and Marcus who delivered our bed.  Truly the front line
Barbara in Sales – you were very thorough in the other minor issue that
popped up.  Thanks for taking care of it.
The gold star goes to Heidi in customer service.  She talked me off the ledge, took my feedback and listened
to my issue rather than talk me through it.  You really nailed it.
 If you ever need any more feedback don’t hesitate to call me back.
 Good Luck to your daughter Friday in her district game.  Maybe we
will run into each other at a tournament game.
Thanks Rotmans.  This was a learning
experience for everyone.
Humbled and grateful, the wife is too.

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