It Never Gets Old! Thank a Vet!

Greetings from Guadalajara, Mexico.  The 9 to 5 has sent me for this week so I will be posting abroad.  I am keeping up with tradition and posting a public thank you to military personnel that I have been lucky to come to know over the years.  Some people say that my appreciation to the military is sometimes over the top, my response that is “No it is not!, I can’t thank them enough”

Our military deserves our support, right wrong, or indifferent.  These brave men and women volunteer to take a job to defend this great nation.  They should be commended, not condemned.  That is all I have to say about the respect our military deserves, because most Americans feel the same way I do.  As I normally do each year I want to thank these specific individuals for their service and everything they have done for this country.  This year I am adding a dear friend, Christopher Lyness.  He just returned from his tech school with the Air National Guard and is currently stationed on Cape Cod.  If you would like to add someone to my annual list please drop me a message, I would love to honor them

Christopher Lyness – Air Force National Guard
Timothy MacCartney Sr. – United States Army
Timothy MacCartney Jr. – United States Army
Ron Scarborough Sr. – United States Air Force
Michael Scarborough – United States Air Force
Ron Scarborough Jr. – United States Marine Corp
Derek Gordon – United States Marine Corp.
Cary MacCartney – United States Army
Craig Tomanini – United States Army
Jill Murray Wildt – United States Marine Corp.
Sam Wildt – United States Navy
Don Mason – United States Army
Eric Catalanotti – United States Army
Robert Catalanotti – United States Army
Justin LaMonda – United States Marine Corp.
Denny Brigley – United States Army
John Finneron – United States Army – P.O.W. World War II
David Layman – United States Navy
Dan Thibodeau – United States Marine Corp.
Kim-Cameron King – United States Marine Corp.
Mary McCue – United States Marine Corp.
Rusty Williamson – United States Navy
Nick Fortunato – United States Navy
Paul Dell’ovo – United States Air Force
Paul Vigneault – United States Navy
DJ Gentile – United States Coast Guard
Glenn Peacock – United States Coast Guard

Thank you!

If you don’t take it from me, ask my wife

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