First 3D Ramblings of 2012 – 1/6/12

The first Ramblings of the year. I have dug deep to find topics on this one.
Some stories you may know and some you may not. So let’s kick off the New Year.

you marry me?
– A 25 year-old Vermont man proposed to his girlfriend
over the holidays and she naturally said yes. However, the ring that he gave to
her was stolen from Zales Jewelry, by him! C’mon man!! So now trust is a
serious issue with this couple. I will bet that this guy serves his time and
still marries this girl, because this is how dumb our world is. This clown
should have sold the ring and then bought a new one. I am not supporting criminal
activity, this guys is as dumb as a criminal as he will be a husband.

you not marry me?
– Russell Brand and Katy Perry are getting a divorce.
Knock me over with a feather. One of the reasons for the divorce was Brand
wanted to have children and Perry didn’t. Isn’t that something they need to talk
about BEFORE getting married? Celebrity divorces are almost as dumb as future
husbands stealing engagement rings.

Professor Fired
– So an Indian born Harvard professor was fired for an
article he wrote in an Indian newspaper. He was fired because his views would
have been found as Anti-Muslim and would incite riots. It was about 40 Harvard Professors
that called for his firing. So it looks like Harvard only supports 1st
Amendment rights when they are supporting Occupy Knuckleheads and anti-Christian
debates. This professor is Indian, he has been anti-Muslim all his life and
Hindus have been fighting Muslims for hundreds of years. Harvard professors
should not comment on situations they don’t simply understand. So basically
they should keep their mouths shut.

– Not in Samoa. The small Island has decided to skip Fridays to be able to
conduct business with its two largest partners Australia and New Zealand. Why
would you need to complete eliminate a day to cater to business partners in
this era of Globalism? Traders and companies that do business with those two
countries should adjust their schedules and hire personnel to work Sunday
through Thursday. If it is a majority of the country, then guess what? Friday
now starts your weekend. TGITh!

– An off duty State Trooper accidentally shot a woman while
hunting last week. I am struggling with this one. Luckily the woman was not
killed and is expected to be ok. So it begs the question, who is truly at fault
here? It’s easy to blame the hunter because he did the shooting, but what was
the woman doing there? She should have been familiar with the area that she was
walking her dog as a hunting area. The hunter could have just been shooting at
anything that moves. There seems something is missing from this story. But if
everyone is ok, I guess we will chalk it up to a dumb mistake.

– Is it me or does everyone have a Christmas song? I’m sorry but
if you caught a lucky break with one hit that doesn’t mean you need to put out a
Christmas album. I never heard a Christmas song from Dexy’s Midnight Runners
and hope I don’t hear a version of “Little Drummer Boy” from the
Dropkick Murphy’s

New Role
– It’s good to see that Demi Moore is working again. She will
be playing female activist Gloria Steinem in the movie about porn star Linda
Lovelace. I am sure Steinem would have loved her role in Striptease

– Talk about using police for the wrong reasons. A Charlton
Police Officer reluctantly went to a home in Charlton to collect late library
fees from a 5 year old. The Library claims that was not the intent of the
visit, but to get fees from her dad’s tardy checkout. Does it really matter?
The Library feels they are more important than the tax paying residents of Charlton
and abusing the use of the local authorities. Next we will see them calling the
Fire Department to put out a potential fire because someone is smoking too
close to the library.

– The State Police released the Black Box data from Lt. Gov. Tim
Murray’s November accident. I thought the data would simply tell us that he was
not speeding significantly and hit a patch of ice. Boy was I wrong. Not only
was he speeding but he was going as fast as 108 mph, did not hit a patch of ice
and state police officials say that he may have fallen asleep at the wheel.
This story continues to set off 3D’s stink meter. This does not pass the sniff
test. This data goes against everything he claimed when the accident happen. He
claimed he was an early riser, an early riser is up for the day, not just for a
little while. He said he was assessing storm damage. That is really tough to do
in the dark, even more difficult to do at 108 mph. I have not believed the Lt.
Gov.’s story from day one and I truly haven’t cared or given it much thought.
But as the story continues to change and more lies continue to mount I want to
know what was really going on now. If he had originally come out and said he
was tending to a personal matter I would not care. But he is insulting the intelligence
of every Massachusetts resident and is using his job as his scapegoat. Since he
is an elected official and is claiming he was dealing with official business, I
as a citizen want a truthful account of what happened. He owes that to us.

– Lastly I want to give a shout out to my girls of the Holy Name
basketball team. They have started the season 8-0 with impressive wins over
defending District Champs Algonquin, Shrewsbury, Acton-Boxboro and last week beat defending Rhode Island State Champ
The Prout School. Great job ladies. The boys have also started off strong with
an 8-0 record with wins over East Boston, Rhode Island powers Barrington and
North Kingstown and a win over rival St. John’s. The boys take on St.
Peter-Marian tonight up at Holy Name at 7:00p.m.

Until next time
Coming Right Atcha

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