Disappointed, not Discouraged: What I learned running for office in Worcester

It’s been a couple of days since the election and it still seems I am on the campaign trail with all the messages, phone calls, texts, e-mails etc.  It just validates to me the decision that I made to run for School Committee.  In the end, I am a better man for it.  Although, I was disappointed with the results, I am not discouraged by the process.   I said from the beginning of my candidacy that I had everything to gain and nothing to lose.  I have gained so much over the last 7 months that losing a seat on the school committee seems so trivial.

Nick-DAndrea (1)Over the past few days I have been relatively quiet, or as quiet as I can be.  I have been slow to respond to messages (which I think I have responded to all, if not, please remind me, it was not my intention).  I dedicated the last two days to my wife and daughters, they deserve it and they’ve earned it. I also dedicated about 3 hours to solid sleep.  The messages have been overwhelming and humbling, I was getting messages from people I didn’t even know telling me that they supported me and that they had hoped that I stayed involved.

So, what did I learn during the campaign?  There are a lot of things I learned, and I will write about them in the future, but I will point out the ones that stick out the most.

  1. Just as I have always thought, Worcester is Awesome!! I met some great people along the way and I value everything they said to me, even the ones who disagreed with my viewpoints.  That is what healthy conversation and dialogue is about.
  2. I’m glad I ran for School Committee because the other nine candidates were great and we were all supportive of each other. I think that is why that race was more amiable than other races in the city.
  3. The School Committee race finally received its due and I was ecstatic to be part of the conversation. Given my viewpoints on how the media, parents and the school needs more collaboration on promoting the schools, now that the race is over, I hope the exposure continues, if it doesn’t, I will work to make sure it does.
  4. Running for office is quite possibly second in the most daunting tasks I have ever taken on (first is being a parent). If anyone is ever thinking of running for office, I encourage you to do it.  It was hard, it was work, but in the end it was extremely fulfilling.
  5. People in Worcester do care, without a doubt. Someday it will show at the polls.  I think we should celebrate a 21% voter turnout, for now, but it is not something we should be proud of.
  6. Worcester is HUGE!! If you don’t know how big Worcester is, try walking it.

I have offered my congratulations and thanks to the newly elected 20150912_140857School Committee, they are all qualified and they deserve it.  I have also offered my services to them in any way I can.  I think everyone should.  They are a very receptive group and they are working for the betterment of the Worcester Public Schools and in turn the children of the city of Worcester.

Lastly, the two questions I keep getting are, will I stay involved and will I run again.  To being involved, absolutely.  I was pretty consistent on my message that Strong Schools + Strong Community = a Stronger, Greater Worcester.  Will I run again?  That remains to be seen.

Thanks again for all the support

2 thoughts on “Disappointed, not Discouraged: What I learned running for office in Worcester

  • November 5, 2015 at 11:15 pm

    Quite simply, Nick, you deserved to win. Not only were you tireless in your efforts campaigning, you were the most prepared candidate based on your knowledge of current research data and your familiarity with the needs of our students and the needs of our city. You have a keen mind and a huge heart. You have already made an impact because of the insights and suggestions you shared. You have a passion that will keep you involved in our schools and you will make them better by your involvement as a parent and as a true colleague of the School Committee. Two more years and you will be a member. I am sure of it.

    • November 6, 2015 at 6:47 am

      Thank you Mrs. McCullough. I feel like I made a difference and it inspired me to do the initiatives that I can control on my own. Molly will do great, mainly because I will bug her everyday.


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