Decision 2016

Our Favorite Banana Split of 2016
Our Favorite Banana Split of 2016


So you got fooled by the headlines.  It happens.  It has become the norm in main stream media that the headline has nothing to do with the substance (or lack thereof) of the article.  But I promise this will be more entertaining than what you have been reading about the election, because in all actuality this has to do with my family’s decision for 2016…….Our Banana Split results.


Last year we decided instead of buying four ice creams and us (my wife and I) having to eat almost two of them because the kids didn’t want to finish or the size was too big, we ordered a Banana Split with four spoons.  Easy, economical and no waste.  My wife had the idea of trying to hit as many spots as we could fit into the summer and see who had the best Banana Split.  I thought it was a great idea.  We hit about 8 spots last year and we had a blast doing it.


This year we decided the tour would run from Memorial Day to Labor Day and then we would post our results and findings.  Thus Decision 2016.


Our goal when we set out was to hit 10 Ice Cream shops that fit our schedule and location.  There was no rhyme or reason to our selection and our goal is to hit all different ones next year.  10 was the goal, 12 would have been a bonus and 15 would have been a miracle.  We hit 13 places in three New England states.


We didn’t plan on selecting winners or losers but we always get the question “what is the best one?”  I think it is a pretty subjective decision.  There are places that we didn’t visit that would probably make people think we were crazy by not including them. 

The Banana Split from Kimball Farms
The Banana Split from Kimball Farms


The 13 places we visited this year were:


Christopher’s Homemade Ice Cream—Millbury, MA

Pinecroft Dairy—Worcester, MA

Madulka’s—Worcester, MA 

Dunlaps—Seebrook, NH

Meola’s Ice Cream—West Boylston, MA

Hudson Creamery—Hudson, MA

Rota Springs Farm—Sterling, MA

Trombetta Farms—Northborough, MA

Sundae School—Orleans, MA

Uhlman’s Ice Cream—Westborough, MA

Gibby’s Ice Cream—Worcester, MA

Kimball Farm—Westford, MA

Dunne’s Ice Cream—York, ME


I have to say that all of these places rock and if you have never been to any of these we highly recommend them.  We have three categories.  Best Overall Banana Split, Best Value, Most Ridiculous Banana Split, Best Ice Cream, Best Whip Cream, Best Hot Fudge and Best Strawberries.  Without Further Ado


Best Hot Fudge:               Uhlman’s Ice Cream – thick, spread perfectly and a hint of warmness

Best Strawberry’s:           Kimball Farms – Farm is in the name.  Only logical

Best Whip Cream:           Hudson Creamery.  Madulka’s came in a close second

Best Ice Cream:               Christopher’s Ice Cream – We will now be going to try their non – split options

Most Difficult:                  Dunne’s – It was a bucket with the ice cream stacked and topping all on top.  Who does that?

Most Ridiculous Banana Split:   Kimball’s – It’s like 3 ft. tall with a tiny little bowl.  More work than enjoyment. 

Best Value:         Rota Springs – They have different sizes to choose from, if you don’t have anyone to share with you can get an individual size. We got the standard option, and they don’t skimp


Best Overall Banana Split:  Hudson Creamery.  This place wasn’t even on our radar and while we were biking the Assabet River Rail Trail I spotted it.  We stopped and we were not disappointed.  Fantastic whip cream, not over doing it with ice cream and they have a curved shaped bowl.  The topping were spread perfectly and the banana was not hard to get to or cut.  Christophers’ finished second and Trombetta’s grabbed the bronze


There you have it.  We had fun and we will do it next year.  But next year we will want to hear from the public.  Send us a message on Twitter @DBananaSplits or on Instagram @DandreaBananaSplit



If you don’t take it from me, ask my wife


Preliminary 2017 spots:

JJ’s, Upton

West End Creamery, Northbridge

Hudson Creamery (needs to defend its title)

Dresser Hill, Charlton

Trombetta’s, Marlborough location

Hebert’s Candy Mansion

Cool Lick’s


And any other’s you decide