Boston and Commonwealth Strong

Monday is the latest day that will live in infamy.  It was just another
day in which I was going about my day.  I had attempted a round of golf in
the morning with my father-in-law, and then came home to do some chores in the
yard.  My wife was home with the girls and was entertaining them and a
friend that had stopped by.  It was a normal day in our house; then, I
checked my phone.

Around 3:45 pm I looked at my phone
to check e-mails and I poked around Twitter and I was taken aback by
what I was reading.  A bomb went off at the Boston Marathon?  At the
finish line?  I went into the house and asked my wife if she knew what was
going on in Boston.  Her response, “ahhhh, No!”  I put the news
on and the news became reality for me.  I immediately began to think about
the people that I know that usually take in the Red Sox game and then head over
to Boylston Street to catch the finish line of the marathon.  I also
thought about the people that received bib numbers from my company, that sponsors about a dozen runners a year. I also thought about friends that
went into to Boston to support friends of theirs.  At that point there were
two dead and roughly forty injured, I had hoped that was all.
The next few hours and days were a
whirlwind to this story because so much misinformation was reported it was
tough to keep up with what actually happened.  First, there had been
several un-detonated devices found and unarmed, and then there wasn’t.
 There was a report of up to fifteen dead, and then it was back to two.
 Then there was a report of ball bearings used in the bombs, then there
wasn’t, then there was again.  Then there was the report of a third
explosion at JFK Library, then it wasn’t an explosion or related.
 Finally, was that they had a Saudi National in custody and was a suspect,
then he was a person of interest, then he was just being questioned.
 Lastly, the “person in question’s” apartment was searched and
“bags” of stuff were taken out of it.  He was then declared no
longer a person of interest.  It was all way too confusing for me, I had
to stop watching.
The irresponsible reporting by the
media could not overshadow the complete coordinated effort that it took place over
the next couple of days to apprehend one of the two suspects responsible for
the bombings.  The other suspect was killed in a fire fight with police.
 I truly must commend the overall effort it took.  From Governor Deval
Patrick, all the way down to the Watertown resident who discovered the suspect
was hiding out in his boat, it was very impressive.  There wasn’t a time throughout
the afternoon on Friday I did not think the authorities had the situation under
control.  The press conferences may not have led you to believe that but
with the way things were being reported over the previous days could you blame
Did the police overreact by locking
down everywhere ea st of Watertown?  I can see that argument but I really
didn’t think so.  It’s easy for me to say that now because the decision
was successful.  But without the help of that resident in Watertown the
situation may not have been resolved as quickly as it was.  It wasn’t as if people
complained; more people stayed indoors for this request than when there is a
major weather event.  That just shows how much the people of Massachusetts
wanted the suspect caught.  Watching the people celebrate in the streets
after the suspect was caught gave me goose bumps.  It was truly wonderful
to watch.
Saturday was a wonderful day in
Massachusetts.  Even though the region was still grieving and recovering from Monday’s events, there was still a reason to rejoice.  The outpouring
of support from across the nation was overwhelming to say the least.  To
see the New York Yankees say they were united with Boston just shows you how
great a nation we live in.  On the news that morning they showed reaction
in stadiums across the country and everyone was truly excited to see that the
suspect had been caught.
I cannot state enough how grateful
I am to the police, the first responders and volunteers at the Marathon.
 It was truly amazing watching people run into harm’s way to aid the injured
and get them out of harm’s way.  I have always been a supporter of police
officers because they have a job like no other.  This past week they and the entire Commonwealth showed that we are truly
If you can please donate to The One
Fund at, and also next year why don’t you join me at the
118th running of THE Boston Marathon.
If you don’t take it from me, ask
my wife

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