3D Ramblings 3/16/2012

I am mad as hell and I can’t take it anymore!!!!
Direct Air – So the
news of Direct Air suspending their flights until at May 15 comes to a surprise
to ……nobody.  It was too good to be true
and we all knew it would not last.  So
now MassPort needs to step up, along with the Worcester City Council.  If the city wants the airport to be viable let’s
get real airlines in here and let’s get the infrastructure the airport needs to
succeed.  If not, either sell the land or
convert it into a wind farm and let’s make some use of that land.
Bomb Threat on
– A domestic dispute led to a boyfriend calling in a bomb threat on
the plane the girlfriend was on causing the flight to be diverted to Buffalo to
be swept.  Two points on this, first the
two need to be treated like every other terrorist that gets caught.  Send them to Gitmo, and let them see how the
U.S. is not messing around with its air safety. Secondly, do we think that less
of Buffalo that we would send a potential bomb to its airport?  Or is it because it borders Canada?   Just asking.
 –  A Lynn (MA) English high school student, who
happens to be a Lesbian, was reprimanded and forced to change a shirt she wore
to school promoting her lifestyle.  The
shirt said “all the cool girls are lesbians”. 
I don’t think the issue here is gay vs. straight, which media wants it
to be.  I think it’s an “I’m gay and I am
better than you issue”.  Sometimes
pointing out your lifestyle is just out of line.  Just look at those clowns on Jersey
Shore.  If she was wearing an “I’m not
gay, but my girlfriend is” t-shirt I think she would have a better
argument.  That’s just my opinion.
Remarried – Long Island
Lolita victim Mary Jo Buttafuoco recently remarried in Las Vegas.  I would like to make a joke here but the
tragedy that this woman went through was punishment enough.  I wish her well and hope this guy is nothing
like her meat head ex-husband.
Things that make you
go hmmmmm…..-
The Today Show recently ran a story saying that stores have
seen a recent spike in the theft of…..wait for it….Tide.  Yep, the laundry detergent apparently has a
quick street turnaround for the druggies in this country.  So if you see me walking out of BJ’s with a
pallet full of Tide, I have started my own enterprise and it is better to not
ask questions.
Pay – The Telegram
and Gazette just ran its annual top earners in the City.  The Police Chief and the Superintendent of
Schools topped the list.  There is no
problem with that.  What I found
staggering was that the Fire Chief was 42nd on the list behind 11
Police Officers and 24 Sergeants, Lieutenants and Deputy Chiefs.  There were no teachers or Firefighters on
that list.  Just saying
Wedding Fees
Only in Worcester does the City Council take away an abuse of job by a city
official and employee and reward them with a raise.  So basically they said “We know you pocketed
money that should go into the city coffers, so don’t do it anymore.  But to make up for that loss of money here is
a raise”  What the hell is the
U.S. New Flag – A
U.S. Flag with the picture of President Obama where the stars should be.  This is not the fault of the President but it
does goes to show the fascination that the media created with this man.  His supporters will go to no lengths to offend
anyone to promote how awesome he is.
Darwin award – So
recently if you are a friend of my on Facebook you saw me share a picture that
said I when I am bored I send a text to a random number that said “I hid the
body…now what?”.  Well, I bet you can
guess where this going.  A 15 year old
Arkansas girl did it….but the random number happen to be a Police
detective.  Can’t fix Stupid.
Finally – It’s
the most wonderful time of the year.  Not
Christmas, but March Madness.  I love
this time of year.  I could literally
watch basketball all day.  As of right
now I already won my bracket because I go with the philosophy of “Anybody but
UConn”.  They lost last night.  My prediction, Michigan State wins the whole
Coming Right Atcha

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