3D Ramblings 12/9/11

Wow!  Gone for three weeks and it has felt a lot longer than that.  For those of you who don’t know we moved into a new house over the Thanksgiving weekend and we have been unpacking ever since and it seems like we will be unpacking for the next 10 years.  A lot has happened in the time that I have been offline so it has been tough to pick some of these topics and keep it fresh.  So here we go.  As usual there is no particular order to these based on importance.

POTUS crying wolf (again) – President Obama spoke on Wednesday about the state of the economy and that it was “a make or break time” for the middle class. I’m sorry Mr. President; the middle class has passed the point of no return a while ago.  This is the third such doom and gloom speech, so that just tells me that either we are in a perpetual mess or the policies that he keeps pushing just aren’t working.  Also the President cannot claim “All hands on deck” and then take off for 17 days.  He’s entitled to take vacation, but not after directing Congress to stay and work through Christmas, which they have agreed to do.  The President continues to be divisive and narcissistic when it comes to important issues.  Didn’t he promise bi-partisan leadership in his presidential campaign bid?

Bad Call – As a high school sports official in two sports I need to tread lightly on this topic.  The game where a touchdown was nullified because of a penalty of excessive celebration costing a team a Super Bowl title has gone viral.  All I can say was that it was a bad call and as an official that has made his share of bad calls, I’m sure the official in question regrets it.  All that can be done now is to move on.  What’s done is done.  An appeal will not produce anything but more controversy.  It was a bad call and that is that.

Sex Abuse – The Penn State incident has now opened the flood gates and more and more people will come out.  I just hope it’s not a witch hunt and or people looking to profit.  These are serious issues and need to be dealt with; there is no room for attention getters.  A little advice for Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim, unless you want to end in the same boat as Joe Paterno, just keep your mouth shut.  At this point it is clear that you had no knowledge.  Just shut up and let this play out.

Words with Friends – Alec Baldwin got kicked off a plane because he would not shut off his phone because he was playing the phone game Words with Friends.  Wow!  What makes this story even weirder was that his lawyer defends him by saying he loves the game so much that he will sacrifice such things as getting off a flight.  I am speechless.

NBA Lockout over – ho-hum starting on Christmas.  I am more excited that my Lady Naps open up at 5:00pm today at Burncoat.

Christmas Trees – This argument is getting old.  The Governor of Rhode Island calls it a Holiday Tree, fine he can call it whatever he wants.  But when protesters went to the State House to protest, one of the supporters of the governor said “Not all people celebrate Christmas in the Christian way…”  What the hell does that mean? He is obviously illiterate because Christmas and Christian have one thing in common, Christ!!!  So for all of you that only celebrate the commercial piece of Christmas you shouldn’t attack the true meaning of the holiday.  It’s the birth of Christ.  When we start using Holiday Candles at Hanukkah and Holiday whatever the symbol is for Kwanzaa, then you have a beef.  Until then, light up your Christmas tree.

Cain drops out of Presidential Race – He was a little late doing this.  The accusations were something he could never recover from.  I also like that he threw his support to a candidate immediately after dropping out.  He supports Newt Gingrich and to be honest I am in that boat as well.  Gingrich has shown that he is very intelligent and has been very good at shooting down loaded questions in the debates.  He went in with a “nothing to lose” attitude and it has paid off for him thus far.  However his brashness may hurt him the further he goes.  Hopefully not.

Porn Star Teacher – I have mixed feeling about the English teacher in Malden who had appeared in a Gay pornographic movie.  It is definitely not an example of what we want our high school age children to achieve.  However, there was nothing illegal with what Kevin Logan did, other than coming up with a horrible stage name. People can view pornography a morally wrong and has no place in our lives but it isn’t illegal and Mr. Logan did not bring the subject to his classroom or crew practices.  Unfortunately for Mr. Logan the publicity of this story and the age group that he teaches, he has ultimately lost his students and that could be worse.  I don’t feel this teacher should be fired but it will be tough for him to teach his class going forward.

Worcester Fire Fighter Death – Yesterday we lost another firefighter in the City of Worcester.  John Davies, who ironically enough was stationed at the Franklin Street station, which we all know was the site of greatest tragedy that the WFD has seen, died heroically while fighting a fire on Vernon Hill trying to saves lives of people believed to be inside.  Our thoughts and prayers should be with the WFD, the injured firefighters and the Davies family.

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