Umpires Ultimately Get Rays Substitution Right

In yesterday’s Red Sox at Rays game there was a substitution that ultimately led to Red Sox Manager Alex Cora protesting the game.  I did not watch the game so I did not see it.  I ultimately did see the box score, which ultimately can be corrected and came to the conclusion that umpires did in fact get it right.  Having dealt with double switches many times in my umpiring career I can say it can be confusing, especially when the DH is involved.  The crux of the issue was the communication from Rays Manager Kevin Cash to umpire Angel Hernandez and how Hernandez interpreted that.  The argument from Cora and the ensuing protest, in my eyes, were premature.  Cora needed to see how the Rays batted to see if everyone was on the same page.  All Cora did at that time was tip his hand and allow for Hernandez and Cash to fix any mistakes because the Rays were on defense and the order had not been effected.  Close Call Sports, an umpire blog goes in to more detail.  See the article below.

Just my 3 cents

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