Whiskey Bars Taking Over Worcester

If you have not noticed there will be thre, count them, three Whiskey Bars in Worcester.  All with a different fervor.  Below is a write up on two of them.  Just a few more things happening in the Woo.


Whiskey on Water will truck in the food for Worcester

It has been a few years since the doors to 97 Water St. opened to an operating business. Ever since a frozen sprinkler pipe closed the former Jose Murphy’s in 2013, the building has stood largely silent.

Local Business Spotlight: Whiskey Tango

Another establishment is joining the fray of Worcester’s sudden new obsession with bars whose names start with the word “Whiskey.” A pair of bar owners from the Canal District with a recent track record of success is hoping lightning strikes twice – this time with a college crowd that likes to spend money on Park Avenue – with a third “Whiskey”-themed bar coming to Worcester this winter.


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