Worcester School Safety


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We are nearly a month into the school year and Superintendent Boone has not yet completed the Safety Audit that was promised back in April when a gun was found in one of our schools.  Worse yet, at the time I write this, the Request for Proposal (RFP) has not been completed, meaning that this process will not be completed soon.

I am asking for the Dr. Boone to make this her top priority and the end result be a Comprehensive Safety Plan for all Worcester Public Schools which includes input from the community.  I am calling for the following actions.

  1. Conduct the Worcester Public Schools Safety Audit. Given all the incidents at the end of last school and those to begin this new one, it is simply unconscionable that the audit has not been completed and unfathomable that we failed to even put out a Request for Proposal yet.
  1. School by School Comprehensive Safety Plans. Work needs to begin now to develop individual school safety plans avoiding cookie cutter, one size fits all approaches.  Each school in our City is unique and the safety plans should reflect that and should include the expertise and recommendations of principals, teachers, parents, neighborhood associations and students of age, along with Central Administration, Police, Fire and District Attorney’s office.
  1. Seek and value Public Input. No less than 4 public meetings, one for each quadrant, should be help where you lay out these plans and allow the public to listen, air concerns, and offer feedback before a plan is finalized.  Allowing us a voice in protecting our children will certainly lead to better outcomes.

I believe these are reasonable requests and they should have been already completed.  Please join me and sign the petition to let Dr. Boone know we don't want to wait around for something extremely serious to happen.



If you would like to help in gathering signatures please download and print a petition to gather signatures.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at nick@nickdandrea.com or by phone at 508-425-7442.  Read the Press Release


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Helpful Links on Creating School Safety Plans