In 1998 I responded to a newspaper ad about an umpire class.  I just gave up coaching baseball and it would be the first time in 17 years that I would not either be playing on a team or coaching a team.  I decided to attend the class.  I figured how hard could it be?  I had been playing baseball for so long, was there really a rule that I did not know?  I also wondered how I would transition from coach to umpire as I had done it for so long that I would umpire the way coaches would want.  Boy was I ever wrong.  Not only did I have no clue on the rules, I haven't watched baseball the same since.  I watch games with so much objectivity now, that it is borderline annoying to the people I watch the game with.

I have worked hard at this "hobby" of mine and I have risen to the ranks of the NCAA.  It is the best part-time job I have ever had and I learn new things every day from the people I work with.  So if you see me on the ball field this summer.  Don't hesitate to heckle me, I won't hear you anyhow.